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Achievus: Napoleon Hill Board Game For Kids 8+

Achievus is a board game for kids 8 and up that teaches them the Success Principles from Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich.

It was invented by my amazing friend and fellow Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor, Jeremy Rayzor. Jeremy's company, Rayzor Sharp Entertainment, designs, creates, and sells educational board games for kids. Their motto is Educating Through The Value of Play.

One of the things I hear the most from people when discussing Napoleon Hill writings is that they wish they had learned it at a younger age. Many of them also have as their Definite Purpose to get young people reading and learning the principles.This game is the answer for them.

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I have met Jeremy on numerous occasions. I met his parents at the 2011 Napoleon Hill Leader Certification trip to Ireland. They are all amazingly kind and fun people.

I have told Jeremy a number of times that when I first heard of his game I was jealous. I rarely get jealous however I think this is the best product to help teach the younger generation about old fashioned and time tested success principles.

Takeshi Umemura from Japan, another Hill Certified Instructor and friend of mine, is selling the game and creating a craze for the game in his country. Takeshi is very active in his country getting large groups of people playing the game together. I call him the King of Achievus.

Dr. J.B. Hill, grandson of Napoleon Hill, plays the game with his children and they love it.

I am blessed to have a pre-production copy of the game in my possession thanks to Jeremy.

ABOVE: The Brazil Team

ABOVE: The Argentina Team


Playing the game with others will help you to discover more about one's current character in a relationship. Like... Family Relationships, Friendships, Business Relationships, Work Relationships, Partnerships, and more! Wouldn't you like to know more about the inner character of those you spend time with? Achievus is the way! Parents! Wouldn't you like to know that your children are success orientated by knowing and applying time tested success principles?

The game provides valuable time tested success principles by Napoleon Hill in a fun engaging approach.

Above: Jeremy, Judy Arcy, and myself in Ireland for the 2012 Napoleon Hill Leader Certification trip

Above: Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor Takeshi Umemura has made the game very popular and well known in Japan

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