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akita rose water brand ambassador

Akita is a company that grows their own roses and manufactures the highest quality rose water products on the planet.

The company Founders, Burhan and Ayse Kilic, moved to Canada from Turkey about 2 years ago to introduce their company and products to the North American market.

They recently hired me to be a Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson for the company.

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A revolutionary cosmetic company specializing in rose water and rose oil skin care. The company, founded in Turkey, focuses on the best in cosmetic design and engineering. 

Their emergence in Canada is the first step in establishing the all natural brand as the trailblazer that it is.

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In 2003, the company began extensive studies on rose products, forming a team of specialists consisting of expert engineers and technicians. The company introduced these high quality and unique skin care and aromatherapy products to the Turkish market.

There are four different series of skin care product lines. Rose, Lavender, Cacao and Scentless.

Turkey supplies 70% of the world’s rose oil needs.

The company's very own rose gardens are in the center of the rose region in Turkey, dedicated to delivering a fleet of premiere cosmetics to eager customers.

Above: All natural rose water

Their goal is to introduce Turkey's famous rose to the North American consumer. Their product's distinct scent is without peer and our rose products are unlike any other.

Through distillation of the rose, they have developed numerous natural and effective cosmetic products and are dedicated to delivering these premiere cosmetics to eager customers.

Above: All natural, hand made, rose soap

My mandate as their Brand Ambassador is to have conversation with owners of health food and natural products retail stores. The purpose of those conversations is to help the retailer create new and regular customers.

We will offer them an exclusive territory so that nobody within 50 miles of their store sells Akita products. We will also ensure that their potential customer cannot purchase our products online anywhere for a lower price.

Rose Water is unique! Every other companies uses rose oil inside of rose water. There is a big difference!

Rose oil is very dense, and the company also produces and sells it as well as rose water. 

1 gram of rose oil is worth $119 Canadian Dollars.

They produce rose oil in copper alembics and don't use any chemicals.

Their Creams are all natural and have alll natural preservatives.

The Deodorant is all natural and has olive leaf extract which is very good for the skin.

The All Natural face wash is made of olive oil.

The Soaps have goat milk, rose water, rose petals, olive oil, and hazelnut oil.

The shampoos are made of 20 different herbal waters which are beneficial for the scalp and hair.

They have many other products including; scrubs, masks, anti-cellulite cream, face care treatment

Products can be purchase online through the website as well.

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