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You Are Amazing

I have answered Amazing to everyone who asks me how I am doing for 25+ years.

I have said it to 5000+ company Presidents and business owners on the phone and to nurses after my many hospital visits and surgeries.

80% of the time when I say it, I mean it. The other 20% of the time it is to remind myself I’m Amazing.

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 5. I am 51 now. It affects every joint in my body from my jaw to my toes.

I have had 4 hips replaced, 4 knees replaced, and 2 shoulders replaced.

I have been in hospital about 40 times.

I had cataracts removed at the age of 13 due to high daily doses of the oral steroid prednisone.

Prednisone also stunted my growth and I stand 5’1”.

All of my joints are either fused totally, or have severe range of motion restrictions. That makes many day to activities much more challenging than for the average person.

Every day, I have 2-4 joints giving me enough pain that most people would stay home from work.

You may be wondering how I can say Amazing, and mean it, all the time. I’ll let you know, because you can do it also.

Through either great genes and parents, or the grace of God, or both, I have always had a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).

Even during my worst arthritis attacks when I was young, I would answer ‘fine’ when anyone asked how I was doing.

I would be in tremendous pain and discomfort in hospital and my grandmother would phone me and I would tell her I was 'fine'.

When I read Napoleon Hill's books Think and Grow Rich and Law of Success in my early 20’s, his Success Principles, namely having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), practically jumped off the pages at me.

Napoleon Hill taught that our thoughts ar the only thing that God gave us 100% control over.

The idea that we must deliberately focus our thoughts in a positive direction, or be drowned by the stresses and negativity that life can throw at us, was how my brain had been working since a young age.

I get to choose to be AMAZING!

Here is what I focus on to put myself in an Amazing state.

First, I was born and raised, and still live in, Canada. We have universal healthcare in Canada which means that the only thing I pay for when leaving hospital is the bedside television I had the choice of renting while I was there. Doctors visits cost me nothing.

If I had been born in the U.S., and many other countries, my parents would not have been able to afford my healthcare insurance and no insurance company would have covered me. People born in third world countries have little to no healthcare.

Second, people in third world countries don’t get to eat every day. I eat 3 or more times daily.

Third, people in third world countries have no or substandard housing. I live in a beautiful home.

I am no nicer, kinder or more deserving of the blessings I have than people born in poverty are, and yet I get to enjoy blessings most of the world does not experience.

People tend to compare themselves to the wealthy and famous and they forget that just being born in a developed country instead of a third world country is a global blessing.

People forget that getting to eat every day is a blessing most of the world does not experience.

Our society, especially the media, focuses our attention on the newest and greatest everything, so that we soon become discontent with what most of the world would treasure.

When I think of complaining, I picture myself speaking to someone from a third world country. I wonder what the person would think of my “problem” or source of discontent.

I challenge you, for the next 7 days, to answer Amazing every time someone asks you how you are doing.

Notice the reaction you get. Notice how it makes you feel. Be prepared for the conversations it will start.


Tom 2 tall Cunningham

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