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Arron Alphonso on Concussions

Arron Alphonso began his hockey career at the age of 4, and played for 18 years, until abruptly ending his career and his dream to play professionally after his 10th concussion. He played through injury and symptoms because that is what athletes are taught. He earned MVP awards in every division, received an athletic scholarship and was recognized by both the OHL and NHL community.

Arron achieved success throughout his entire hockey career and at 14 was named to the Jr. A Rookie All-Star Team. A year later, he was then drafted 30th overall into the OHL to the Ottawa 67’s, under Brian Kilrea. Arron suffered from 4 concussions while playing for the 67’s. In his 3rd year, Arron was invited to participate in the Atlanta Thrashers NHL camp; there he received his worse recorded concussion. He played in exhibition games against the St Louis Blues, the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers.

Despite the concussions Arron continued to play and at 19 he chose to utilize his Athletic Scholarship to play hockey at Lakehead University. There he played with his brother and majored in Psychology. He received 3 Athlete of the Month Awards and gained 3 more recorded concussions. The severity of the concussions caused Arron to suffer from Post-Concussion Syndrome resulting in severe migraines, light sensitivity, personality changes, lack of appetite and eventually hospitalization. His recovery took over 2 ½ years. Immediately following his last concussion he was unable to read, underwent memory loss, unable to exercise, focus, as well as many other symptoms.

Arron currently works at an Elite Athletic Training facility in Orangeville, Ontario, where he turns elite athletes into professionals. Martin Luther King said that the most powerful force on earth is a made up mind. Arron has made up his mind to be the catalyst for change in helping athletes understand the severity of concussions.

"I believe in my heart that I can and will make a difference.” Arron Alphonso

Be sure to listen to my interview with Arron and learn more about concussions.

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