Myself and 2 other Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructors, Taylor Tagg and Tim Chhim wrote a book that reached bestselling status on Amazon in 3 categories. If you need help with your challenges, defeats and adversities, this book will encourage you.

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become an author of the journeys to success book series

Become an author in The Journeys To Success book series 

Would you like to become an Amazon #1 Bestselling author?

Do you have a message to share with your parents, spouse, children, and friends?

Would you like to write about how your parents or grandparents helped you get to where you are?

Have you gone through adversities learned things that could encourage other people facing similar adversities?

How to become an author in the journeys to success book series

I am putting together a group of about 20-25 people for each volume and each writes a chapter. 

Volumes 1,2, 3 (Women's Edition) and 4 (The Millennial Edition) and 5 all became Amazon #1 bestsellers.

All of the books in the series will be titled Journeys To Success and will have Napoleon Hill in the subtitle.

The process we use is the proven Amazon #1 Bestselling process.

Each contributor writes a chapter between 2,500 - 3,500 words. It includes Napoleon Hill and his success principles in the story. People prefer personal stories so keep that in mind. 

Contributors will also include a bio of between 150 - 200 words for the book and another longer bio of 400+ words for the book website, and one picture.  

Here are the 17 Principles of Success. Include one or more in your story and/or use a few Napoleon Hill quotes.

We use the 1-month process required to become Amazon bestselling authors. With the combined family, personal, business, email and social media contacts of that many contributors, becoming an Amazon bestseller is much easier.

The cost per contributor is $800 US.

That includes:

  • Proofreading and editing your chapter
  • Project management
  • CreateSpace and Amazon expenses
  • Our Publisher John Clayton
  • Book cover created by Brad Szollose
  • Amazon bestselling process and emails
  • Personal e-commerce & SEO ready profile on book website
  • Interview on Journey To Success Radio

If you want to proceed, email with the Subject line 'I'm in' and then I will send you the paypal invoice to confirm your participation and schedule a time for a video meeting to go over all the details.

Journeys To Success: The Millennial Edition is the fourth volume in this extraordinary book series. If you are looking for real-life stories that break the stereotype of today’s younger digital natives, this is the book for you.

Time to get rid of your Generational Stereotypes. Each author recounts their personal experiences, and sacred moments of complete and utter failure…and the wisdom gained and the lessons learned that gave them the strength to dramatically shift their mindset. Based on the success principles of Napoleon Hill, each author begins their story from the worst moment in their lives—the turning point—revealing the driving force behind what they do today to make this world a better place.

Award-winning business author Brad Szollose and Napoleon Hill Instructor Tom Cunningham bring together 21 of the most extraordinary Millennials ever assembled for a deep dive into what it takes to be successful.

Believe this is a generation of coddled brats that need emotional stroking to get through life? Guess again. Get ready for an eye-opening journey. Whatever your current circumstances or life situation, the stories in Journeys to Success: Volume 4: The Millennial Edition will deeply connect and shed light on the fact that this generation is mentally tough, unwilling to play it safe and doing big things. And we warn you in advance: this book contains strong language and intense situations that would crush a less developed soul.

A must read gift for anyone who wants to understand Millennial Thinking.

Need help discovering, defining, pursuing and achieving your life's purpose and goals? 

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