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bob danzig - former ceo of hearst newspapers on journey to success radio

Bob Danzig was the former CEO of the multi billion dollar Hearst Newspapers before "retiring" and then becoming a Hall of Fame Speakers. He is also one of the contributors to The 17 Biblical Principles of Success audio program created by Phil Taylor. I was blessed to interview Bob for Journey To Success Radio.

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Bob Danzig spent his childhood shuffling from one foster home to another, never quite belonging. When he got his first job as an office boy at the Albany Times Union, the newspaper became his family.  Encouraged by a caring boss, he spent three years in the Navy, went to college nights for five years; was awarded a Journalism fellowship to Stanford University; and nineteen years after walking in the door as an office boy, became Publisher of the Times Union. Seven years later, he was named President of all Hearst Newspapers nationwide. In the next two decades, he led the 6,000 employee/colleague company to a renaissance of talent, strategic purpose, and 100 fold profit growth, earning him industry-wide respect for his innovative marketing leadership.

After retiring, Bob became a professional speaker and was named to the Speaker Hall of Fame in 2007. To date, he has spoken to over a million people.

Bob is the dean emeritus of the Hearst Management Institute and author of eleven inspiring books, eBooks and MP3s. (See footer for details.)

A long-term Foster Child advocate, he was the first recipient of the National Speakers Association’s Philanthropist of The Year Award; the first recipient of the Child Welfare League’s Champion for Children Award; and received the 2012 Beacon of Ethics Award from the Business Ethics Alliance®. Previous honorees include Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus; Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice; and Former Secretary of Education, William Bennett.

It has been said: “Bob Danzig is one of those magical people who, when he enters a room he fills it, and when he begins to speak he owns it.” With humor and a magnetic sense of purpose, Bob plants seeds of hope, confidence and leadership every time he speaks.

For Bob, the key to these life marks is acknowledging every individual who crosses his path and embracing each opportunity.  By spreading encouragement, enhanced spirit and confidence, he is bringing lasting change to a world searching for these qualities.

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