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Brad Szollose Author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock To Wikipedia

I shared the stage with Brad Szollose (pronounced zolis) at the Think and Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar, CA. I absolutely LOVED his talk and reading his book Liquid Leadership changed my thinking more than any book in recent memory.

I had the true pleasure of interviewing Brad for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show.

Brad's work help old people (50 years old) like me relate to Gen Y people and to understand them and their world a lot better.

About Brad

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Brad Szollose is a cross generational expert and a business consultant who helps small companies and individuals to understand how technology transforms culture and behavior, and how that impacts management, interaction and expectations.

In other words, HOW do you manage, market and sell to a new tech-savvy generation…a generation raised on Information Age tools since childhood?

Brad has a free report:

What Every Business Needs to Know About Generation Y

And is working on…

The Baby Boomer Parents Guide to Your Gen Y Adult Child.


Brad is also the international bestselling and award-winning author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia which delves deeply into the subject of new leadership styles – mainly how to get the tech-savvy Generation Y and analogue Baby Boomers working together.
With a 35-year career as an entrepreneur Brad started his first business at the age of 16— and has been called a serial entrepreneur with a unique ability of finding valuable lessons and humor in even the toughest of circumstances.

I got the chance to share the platform with Brad at The Think & Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar California, and he took us on a journey of his own life: from being a sickly kid who almost lost his hearing to breaking his ankle during band camp…to starting the first Dot Com Company to go public on NASDAQ —K2 Design. 

Brad started this company without start up capital, bank loans or financial help of any kind, and within three years, raised over $7 million through private placement and an IPO, had 425% growth for 5 straight years, attracted over 60 employees, 4 business partners and offices worldwide. Brad was catapulted from entrepreneur to C-Suite Executive, and began to apply a unique management model to the first wave of young, tech-savvy Generation X & Y Workers… 

All of which are retold in his book Liquid Leadership.

Today Brad Szollose teaches businesses as well as parents how to communicate and motivate today’s generations…

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