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The Coat of Arms Letter by The World's Greatest Copywriter Gary Halbert

The Coat of Arms Letter, created by the greatest copywriter who ever lived, Gary Halbery, was mailed for over 30 years to 600,000,000 people.

Gary Halbert led an extraordinarily interesting life, including times when he had BUSHELS OF MONEY (one of his favourite terms to describe lots of money). He created the letter in 1971, during one of the periods in his life that he was having tremendous financial challenges.

The 381 word letter that he developed changed Gary's finances forever and created an empire and an industry.

Gary started the process of creating this letter by building up a story inside himself that his life depended on it, which is an AMAZING strategy! What if you had to earn a significant sum of money in the next 12 months to save the life of your parents who were being held hostage? I bet you would be able to do it under those circumstances.

The Coat of Arms Letter

Gary had some great strategies to get his direct mail pieces opened and read.

One of the things he did was make the envelope look as personal as possible. To do that, he used a plain white envelope, hand-addressed it and put a stamp on it. An envelope like that has a GINORMOUSLY HIGHER possibility of being opened because people cannot identify it as a sales letter and may think it is from someone they know.

Another thing that set Gary apart was how he chose his mailing lists and personalized his mailings. In this case, because he was selling family crests, he mailed to people with a common last name - McDonald. He could then personalize the letter.

Gary was also a fan of having a P.S. in every letter and did enough testing to prove its worth beyond doubt. Adding a P.S. helps increase sales.

For a complete analysis of psychology and lessons behind The Coat of Arms Letter by Gary's sons Bond and Kevin, click here

Lessons include:

  • How to format your sales Letters
  • The 3 big secrets to the success of this money making monster
  • A simple way to build incredible trust
  • What NOT to say in your sales pitch to excite readers
  • How to “frame” your products in the right light driving people to buy
  • Secrets behind this most effective close
  • How to build pressure and force people to make a decision
  • 7 words which can double your sales
  • Secret way to personalize a letter way beyond using the reader’s name
  • How to work the readers up into a frenzy over your offer
  • How to begin your letters and get off to a great start

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