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E Michelle Lee Interviewed for Journey To Success

I interviewed E Michelle Lee for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. Be sure to listen to the interview and subscribe to her blog.

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About Michelle

E Michelle Lee is a Radio Show Host, Columnist, Public Relations Specialist, Business Consultant, Published Author, founder of The Exceptions To The Rules, and owner of PR With A Purpose based in Ohio with an international reach.  She is an encourager, trainer, and supporter of those elite people who are the exceptions to the rules and who have exhibited the makings of Give Back 2 Pay Forward into their hearts first and business second.  

She is a genuine, down-home type of person, who has had remarkable life experiences and formal business and legal education that allows her to address various business subjects and human needs.

Michelle has overcome insurmountable circumstances and shared her knowledge and resources gained with others for over 400 human needs and business subjects.  She provides solutions for individuals and businesses with truthful advice; while being entertaining and with a light-hearted approach for strategic and creative solutions. Her approach; Give Back 2 Pay Forward using her3Deep Formula (3X3X3=?) is humorous and resource-rich. 

Prior to her experience as a Vice President of an international IT company, Michelle worked on various projects in the legal, government, private, and non-profit sector. She enjoys working with people from various socioeconomic strata and a multitude of life experiences.  She is on a mission to help herself by helping others first.

E. Michelle Lee, radio show host of  The Exceptions To The Rules is here and ready to assist you in getting the tools, resources, services, products, or whatever else it is under the sun that you need for you and/or you business.  

Getting the resources you need "At the speed of business" and in "Real Time". Because you gotta use what cha got, till ya get what you need, so your can get to where you want to be; The Exceptions To The Rules are here for you!


For more information about Michelle visit her website at follow her on twitter @ExceptionsBE, also on YouTube, FaceBook, Wordpress- Exceptions Resource Blog, and many other social sites; just Google E. Michelle Lee

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