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FaithLife Financial

FaithLife Financial is a not-for-profit insurance provider that helps people manage their finances based on Christian principles.

They invited me to speak at their 2 day sales symposium in Cambridge, Ontario on January 15, 2014.

I spoke to their experienced Financial Representatives, a group of about 35, to end the two day conference that was held at the Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre.

It was the first time I ever opened one of my talks with a prayer and I loved it. 

I let them know how valuable I know their service is and how, because 95%+ of their clients are Christian, the work they do is helping to provide for children, churches, missions, and ministries. 

Although the work they do impacts people personally as well as their families, church, and ministries, life insurance people are often avoided like they have leprosy.

This is something about FaithLife that I found fascinating and which can be so valuable

Our members can impact their community by joining a Chapter.We help you give back.

Our 370 chapters are making a difference! A FaithLife Financial Chapter is a group of five or more Member families who join together to support fundraising and fellowship activities in a Christian church or organization. Chapters are eligible for annual Matching Grants for initiatives that are important to them. Our Chapters put faith into action and reflect God's love.

Why are Chapters Important to Your Church or Organization?

They can:

  • Fulfill missions and goals in your community.
  • Allow FaithLife Financial members to give back to their church through local and international missions, VBS, fixing the roof, sending youth to camp or celebrating an anniversary.
  • Provide recognition to pastors and volunteers for their work and dedication.
  • Provide crosses to your confirmation or baptism.

Chapters provide the opportunity for our members to:

  • Live their values through fellowship and caring in their community and around the world.
  • Have fun with your friends and community while building a better world.
  • Strengthen their church through matching grants.

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