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Fred Simkovsky - Visions of Success Talk Radio Host

Dr. Fred Simkovsky (DocFred) has successfully inspired and coached over 1000 individuals, at all levels, in 6 countries; USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, India, and China in the last 14 years alone. 

I interviewed Fred for Journey To Success Radio.

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For 35 years as an organizational development/learning consultant, DocFred believes everyone wants to make a difference in this world and know they matter. It’s all about sharing inspiration, motivation, advice, tricks, and tips on how to attain one’s own Vision of Success. The road to success needs everyone’s assistance!

As the host of Visions of Success Talk Radio, a 3 of 5 star hit (and no one has 5 stars) on the #1 inspirational and motivational network Amazing Women and Men of Power (AWOP) through Raven International on the internet and on iTunes Radio, AWOP 24.7, his talk show is the place for the self-employed, under-employed, and unemployed for the inspiration, advice and insights to attain the life and career success you’ve always dreamed of, wanted, and desired reaching over 3.5 million listeners weekly globally and growing.

“Working with DocFred is a pleasure! Our interview was as if I was having a drink with a long time friend about the experiences we’ve had that led to the work we do today. I always learn from his incredible experiences and would recommend DocFred to anyone”.

Bill Farr - Author of The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships

”I’ve had the opportunity to hear Dr. Fred Simkovsky speak on the topic of transformation and peak performance on a number of occasions. He is not only an amazing presenter, he really knows his stuff! Einstein said, “If it’s not simple, then the teacher doesn’t know it.” Each time I hear Fred speak I’m in awe of his ability to put such profound ideas into such simplistic language!”

Derrick Sweet - Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation

AWOP is under the umbrella of “Raven International Media Productions” as:“Amazing Women of Power Talk 24.7 Positive Programming Radio Network .”AWOP is the brain child of award winning talk show host, celebrity interviewer, and former CNN/CBS radio personality, Raven Blair Davis (Raven a.k.a. The Talk Show Maven.)

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