Myself and 2 other Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructors, Taylor Tagg and Tim Chhim wrote a book that reached bestselling status on Amazon in 3 categories. If you need help with your challenges, defeats and adversities, this book will encourage you.

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My Goals For 2013

My Goals For 2013 cover every area of my life, as any program should. I want to share them with you so you can help keep me accountable, and perhaps to trigger some ideas of your own.

I find that as I get older, more of my time is invested in leisure and social activities. I love to spend time with friends more than anything. My wife and I spend time with friends at some beautiful places in Ontario, Canada where we live.

I try every year to donate a good amount of time and money to help others. I do it because I love helping other people. It also puts Napoleon Hill's Success Principle of Going The Extra Mile into work. The more you help others, the more the world will find a way to reward your effort, provided you do it with the right intentions.

Be the top advertising revenue generator for The Canadian Business Journal for the third consecutive year.

Sell 10+ workshops for The Nine Prophecies.

Speak 12+ times including Arthritis Society events and workshops.

Vacation at our timeshare at Calabogie Lodge in Ontario.

Vacation in Round Lake, Ontario with my friends.

Vacation at Bonnechere Lodge in Killaloe, Ontario with friends.

Spend time with my sister and husband and 3 kids at cottage in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Go to gym 85+ times

Volunteer and donate time to help others regularly including offering free mentoring.

Read 25+ non-fiction books

Finish writing my book with Tim Chhim and Taylor Tagg.

Read Bible 150+ days

Give $4000+ to charity and to help others, including giving away books.

Attract 15,000+ visits to my website in one month.

Recruit 10+ directly sponsored Organo Gold distributors.

Reach 5,000 Facebook Friends.

Reach 2,000 LinkedIn Contacts.

What are your Goals For 2013? I would love to hear from you. Email me at with your list.

Have an AMAZING 2013. I wish you innumerable blessings.

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