User Review of Goalscape Visual Goal Management Software

I have been using Goalscape for a week now and I LOVE it. I find it so easy to use and adapt to the various tools and methods I use for goal setting. I put all my goals for 2011 in the center of my wheel and I put Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success around that. In the different tabs for the Principles, I have added notes and attached files of various projects I am working on. It is a great way to keep ever goal oriented project in my life all in one place.

I wrote earlier this week about finding Goalscape, before I really started using it myself. I received two positive comments from people I didn't even know read my online posts. They both had very positive things to say about what a great product it is and how easy it is to use. One of those, Scott Spanbauer, is a Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor like myself. He really liked how easily he could apply and use it. After those comments, I started using it myself and now I'm hooked.

They have a free trial offer. If you are serious about setting and achieving goals, please at least give it a try. I know that if you do, like me, you will become hooked.

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I believe that every individual should pay to have their own behavior assessment report and every business should use behavior assessments when hiring and making decisions about personnel. Winslow Research Assessments are the most accurate, complete and detailed available.

I LOVE Goalscape! It is a revolutionary visual goal management software program developed by Olympic medal winners. It is very easy to use and adapt to whatever goals you have and whatever system you use to set and reach those goals. They have a free trial and I HIGHLY recommend you at least try it.


Nick Vujicic was born without limbs and overcame his disability in an amazing way. He is a strong and vocal Christian. His book Life Without Limits is a MUST read. He also has an amazing DVD.

Nick Vujicic

Tremendous Life Books is run by Tracey Jones, the daughter of Charlie Tremendous Jones. Please go through the website as there is tons of amazing material and Tracey is an amazing person as was her dad.

Tremendous Life Books

Shane Morand, Derrick Sweet and I brought Mark Victor Hansen to Ottawa before his 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' series of books was published.

Mark Victor Hansen

I have known Derrick Sweet for a long time. He is an amazing guy and has really devoted his life to coaching and training others. If you are a speaker or a life coach, you need to know Derrick.

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Nightingale-Conant has been selling amazing products for many years.