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hillary vargas founder of ms hillary's kids on journey to success radio

Hillary Vargas is the Founder of Ms Hillary's Kids and a soon to be Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor. She recently attended the Leader Certification trip to the French Lick Resort in Indiana. 

I interviewed Hillary for my Journey To Success Radio show.

about hillary vargas

Ms. Hillary Vargas is a life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, youth mentor and educator.  She is the founder of Ms. Hillary’s Kids, a nonprofit organization designed to support and empower young adults with learning disabilities, behavior challenges or who come from rough or underprivileged backgrounds, reach their full and highest potential. Ms.Hillary believes in empowering each of her “Kids” to reach for the highest star and in teaching them that they, not their circumstances, determine their future, and the effect they will have on the world.  She aids them in seeking out the richest soil they can find and plant the seed of their dreams.  As they care for the seed with Ms.Hillary’s guidance, they slowly see it begin to grow. They care for it, and nurture it, until one day it blooms like a rose from a crack in the concrete.

Ms. Hillary has also served as an educator in several urban schools in Rhode Island and New Jersey, teaching and engaging teenage students in a myriad of topics.  Having grown up in an urban setting and raised by her single mother who emigrated from Colombia, she uses her experiences to connect with her students/mentees.  Her true passions are teaching and mentoring, investing in our youth as they are the seeds of our future.  She has a BA in Marketing and a minor in Psychology from Johnson & Wales University.  She is also pursuing The Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich certification.  As Mahatma Gandhi once eloquently said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, Hillary Vargas endeavors to change the world through her students and each person she encounters, one at a time.     

Ms hillary's kids testimonial

“Having had the opportunity to get to know a few of the kids and hearing their stories has been a phenomenally humbling experience.  These kids are passionate,  driven and determined to rise above their circumstances. True leaders of tomorrow.  Hillary’s selfless commitment to help the underprivileged youth connect with resources from influential mentors to Harvard gateways is a testament to how grand she  truly sees “her kids” and be lives in their success. This young woman has found her calling and has bravely embraced the challenge and opportunity to make an impact on today’s youth and on the generations that follow.”

Rosie Rodriguez – Entrepreneur/Author/Mentor

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