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Iam1ru - Creating Everyday Philanthropists

Iam1ru is a movement, a challenge, and an invitation to create a world of everyday philanthropists.

Everyday Philanthropists give of their time, energy, passion, and resources to help fulfill the simple dreams of the hurting, helpless and hopeless.

My dear friends, Rick and Lisa Bursey, former children and youth pastors at Heartland, A Church Connected in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Rick and Lisa left everything behind to live among and help orphans in Linares, Mexico.

Rick's father was a pastor and all 3 of his sons are serving in full-time ministry. Lisa's father, I believe, was a pastor. It is no wonder that the two of them were willing to leave a very comfortable middle class life in a developed country to serve the hurting and helpless.

Please pray and seek the Lord about assisting Rick and Lisa through Iam1ru. Along with donating money you can also visit them and volunteer at the orphanage.

The Project:
This new children's home, Casa Posibilidades (Possibilities House), will sit on a 5 acre property a kilometer north of the city of Linares and will house between 10 and 15 children at its inception and upwards of 50 at its completion. The site will consist of family-style homes for orphaned or at-risk children that cannot be returned to their homes in the near future.

Our Vision:
To house, nourish, nurture and rehabilitate children in our care and set a standard of excellence in our home that shows children that they themselves can strive toward a future of limitless possibilities.

Our Mission:
To offer an environment that encourages each child in our care to recognize his or her potential for a future of unlimited possibilities. We will do this by providing an abundance of love, and the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty, abuse, abandonment or neglect that brought them to us.

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