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intentional creation's paul blanchard on journey to success radio

Intentional Creation is a subsidiary of the Og Mandino Group, led by Dave and Paul Blanchard. Dave Blanchard was asked by Og Mandino's widow to carry on Og's teachings after his death.

I was blessed and honored to interview Paul Blanchard for Journey To Success Radio.

about intentional creation and paul blanchard

Passionately driven by people and the opportunity to serve, coach, and develop, Paul has traveled to remote areas of the world to serve humanity and worked with renowned titans in business and entrepreneurship.  After running head on into a brick wall of corporate politics at a young age, Paul left his J.O.B. for free enterprise.  He has experienced memorable triumphs and been humbled and crushed in emotionally paralyzing defeat.  All these things have taught him lessons beyond the years they took to acquire.  

After spending many years as an entrepreneur in real estate investing and coaching, Paul felt compelled to go back and finish the higher education he left behind.  This led to accepting a career at the very university he chose to enroll with.  This quickly turned into managing their Global Operations center as the Director of Admissions.  2 years into this new career Paul was asked to fly out to Washington DC and interview for the Director position at the newly acquired Jack Welch Management Institute.  A few weeks later he was in a boardroom sitting across from one of the greatest CEO’s in history, Jack Welch.  Paul went on to work closely with Jack for the next 3 years and create one of the top online MBA programs in the world with unparalleled growth.

Looking for the next chapter in life, Paul’s father started to campaign for a potential partnership.  Dave Blanchard is the CEO of the official Og Mandino Company and a renowned coach, speaker, and author.  Paul cut his teeth on the foundational principles taught by his father and this organization.  After several weeks of discussion he chose to join his father and champion the mission of the Og Mandino Group and its primary subsidiary, Intentional Creation.  Combining lessons from great authors, philosophers, business leaders, and their own life experiences, Paul and his father have set out on a mission to teach and transform people and organizations with the principles and laws that lead to unparalleled productivity, cooperation, culture, true leadership, and a personally defined and vividly visualized TANGIBLE success. 

With all that said, Paul values his family most.  He married his beautiful wife Ashley in 2005 and she has stayed by his side through a roller coaster of adventures, heartbreaks, and fun.  He has 3 precious daughters that specialize in keeping him wrapped around their fingers.  Without them, “I am nothing” Paul says.  With a battle-tested love for his family and a relentless passion for people, Paul sets out everyday to find significant ways to embrace life and serve.    

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