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Jules Louis Pitch

Jules Louis Pitch and I met in a way that soon became clear to both of us was orchestrated by the universe.

Jules phoned into Oakville Honda looking for a used car and came into the dealership for a test drive.

Within 5 minutes of being in the car for a test drive I knew 300% for sure that whenever he purchased his next car it would be from me. It became clear to both of us that somehow we were ordained to meet.

I interviewed Jules for Journey To Success Radio. In that interview he said that he knew within 5 minutes of meeting me, he knew that the next car he bought would be from me, no matter when that would be.

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My mentor and friend, Joe Connelly, a Sales Coach, had recently told me of how energy healing had healed his shoulder. He described the process in detail and told me that the pain has not returned since he had it done 2 or 3 times.

During Jules' test drive he mentioned energy healing and my ears perked up. Whenever I hear about something twice in a short period of time, I tend to view it as a sign to look into it further.

About Jules

Jules Louis Pitch' background includes film and television production, sales and business development in various business sectors including; financial and insurance solutions, group health and dental benefits and hockey sports management.

Although those experiences were beneficial and much was taken from them, what happened from 2009 and then on when Jules began asking many important questions about life was nothing short of incredible.

What most call science fiction; fantasy or paranormal experiences, are consistently occurring many times each day. He firmly believes that none of us are alone and what is really going on within and around us all is rather miraculous. 

Abilities started to awaken, including working with energy healing with reiki and crystals, feeling the energy and love of others in angelic and spirit form and the ability to see symbols, shapes and colours in the mind’s eye (third eye/brow chakra) so attaching the human label of being clairvoyant seems to fit.

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