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julie ann sullivan the attitude enhancer on journey to success radio

Julie Ann Sullivan is a professional speaker, trainer and advisor and the Founder of Learning Never Ends. She is known as The Attitude Enhancer. 

I was blessed to interview her for Journey To Success Radio. The interview will air on BlogTalkRadio on Saturday, April 11th at 1:00pm EST.

about julie ann sullivan

Julie Ann Sullivan works with organizations that want to create a workplace environment where people are productive, engaged and appreciated.   

Known as the Attitude Enhancer, Julie Ann is a professional speaker, trainer and advisor.   She is the Founder of Learning Never Ends, a company whose purpose is to create a more positive culture, one person at a time.  

She has a diverse educational background which includes a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Accounting. 

Julie Ann was a CPA and spent decades involved in the financial industry and the corporate world.   As a Professional Speaker, she has spoken for companies and organizations such as, McDonald's USA, the City of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Highmark and Bayer US.

Her programs are known for her expertise, innovation, humor and engagement of her participants.  

Each program is tailored to the specific needs of her client. 

Julie Ann is a Professional member of the National Speakers Association and an accomplished author.

She is an avid volunteer as a Board member of Pittsburgh’s National Speakers Association, Zonta International, and Pittsburgh Dance Council.  Julie Ann also spent four years as a School Board Director.

Julie Ann Sullivan's ultimate goal is to create the Best Place to Work for all involved, internal talent, customers and the community.   

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I really enjoyed your How Leaders Can Inspire Others to be Happier at Work training at the Duquesne University Leadership Breakfast Series. I found the training informative and inspiring. I felt like it was a combination of The Secret and Think and Grow Rich. I was on the edge of my seat as if the seminar was taught by the likes of Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor or John C. Maxwell. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring individuals!!!

Kelly Russell
Program Administrator
City of Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh Partnership

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You could choose to do one a day for a month and on the 31st day make up your own. Or, you could choose to take one aspect and work on that for a period of time.

No matter how you choose to do the work within these pages, there will always be something new for you to experience each time you return.

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That is the beauty of being an ever-changing human. So choose your own way and try something new. Be grateful to yourself that you are willing to become anew.

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