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mwr life 2015 miami event

The MWR Life 2015 Convention in Miami is taking place from Thursday, November 5th through to Sunday, November 8th.

Details of mwr life miami convention

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Agenda (may be subject to slight modification):

  • *Just Added!* Thursday, 11/5: Business Overview Event 7pm to 9pm - INVITE GUESTS!
  • Friday 11/6: Meet & Greet Evening Reception followed by a scheduled Event - Ends at 9pm
  • Saturday 11/7: National Convention Event (Lunch Included) - Ends at 5pm/6pm
  • Saturday 11/7: Black Tie (Formal) Dinner/Dance/Entertainment Celebration Event - Ends at 11:30pm
  • Sunday 11/8: Sunday "Fun Day" with Corporate & Leadership (Lunch & Transportation Included) - Approx. 10am to 6pm (Lunch 12:30pm)

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Room Reservations: **NOTE** Special Discounted MWR Room Rates NO LONGER AVAILABLE, however, you may contact the Embassy Suites directly via phone at (305) 634-5000 to check on regular hotel room rates.

SPECIAL NOTE: Registration will be open (name badges, etc.) on Friday from 1pm to 7pm and Saturday beginning at 8:30 am.

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Those of you that purchase your T-shirts now, will receive your t-shirts on Thursday orFriday before the Conference. SPECIAL NOTE: These T-shirts will NOT be available for purchase until late Saturday afternoon. Everyone that pre-orders their 2015 Catch the Wave T-shirts will be part of the Marketing Campaign that we are launching!

How Do I Order My T-Shirt's?

Email Support ( and let them know how many T-shirts you want, if you want male/female t-shirts and the sizes. Customer support will personally contact you back within 48 hours to secure your credit card information.  Be part of the excitement and the history of MWR Life!

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