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The Ultimate Mastermind Summit Speaker Ben Gay III

The Ultimate Mastermind Summit featured Sales Legend Ben Gay III as one of its speakers during the 2 day event, September 18 and 19, 2014 in Chicago. The event was promoted by Tony Rubleski and Paul Guyon from the Mind Capture Group.

I interviewed Ben for Journey To Success Radio.

About Ben Gay III

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Ben Gay III has been called a living legend in the sales world. In his 40+ years of professional selling and sales training, he has been the #1 salesperson in every organization in which he has ever worked . . . and he's a powerful speaker/sales trainer/author to boot! 

Having started his first business at 14, by age 26 he was the president/CEO of what was then the world’s largest Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing company. And he was personally trained by fellow sales legends J. Douglas Edwards, Dr. Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, William Penn Patrick, Zig Ziglar, Merle Fraser, Fred Herman, James H. Rucker Jr. and many many other sales giants.

Now one of the most famous, popular and powerful sales trainers in the world, Ben conducts just 24 live "The Closers Sales Training" seminars a year and writes/publishes/produces "The Closers" series of books, audios, videos, newsletters, and teletrainings . . . a series that is considered “The Foundation of Professional Selling.

He was the founder and is the current Executive Director of The National Association of Professional Salespeople.

About The Ultimate Mastermind SUmmit

Top minds from the business and personal development industries along with other agents of positive change from across the globe descended upon Chicago, Illinois, September 18 & 19th, 2014 for an annual event to celebrate business, success, and free markets titled, the Ultimate Mastermind Summit.  Last year’s event titled, Think and Grow Rich Summit, was held in Del Mar, California.

The event detailed the mindset and business skills that help people and companies to succeed, regardless of market conditions. Attendees and selected leaders formed mastermind groups, to discuss and get ideas to help them take advantage of their most important opportunities and overcome their most challenging business obstacles. 

The Closers


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