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MyGica android boxes help you take control of your TV

The MyGica android box has changed the way my wife and I watch television. I am 53 years old as I write this and have been paying a monthly cable bill since I moved away from home at age 20.

Kim and I recently started using a device that we installed on our television in less than 5 minutes. From there we added our Netflix account and CraveTV, which costs us about $20 monthly, including taxes.

I live in Toronto, Ontario in Canada and apps similar to CraveTV in the US are Crackle and Hulu.

We use an ATSC tuner to get all the local HD stations. An ATSC tuner is today's version of the old antenna that people my age remember from when we were young. Today, those antenna are small and light and easy to use.

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about mygica android boxes and mark english

I interviewed Mark English for my Journey To Success Radio show to help spread the word about this new (new to a 53 year old) way of watching tv.

I am excited to announce that they are now the official sponsor of Journey To Success Radio.

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Mark English is the Product Manager for MyGica International. He is in charge of not only many of the products that are created at the company, but he is also the head of the customer support department.

At 22 years of age, Mark moved to Shanghai. By his second year of living there he became regional supervisor for one of China's largest Montessori school boards. Upon returning to Canada to pursue a more technological position, he quickly found himself relying heavily on his China experience in business to conduct meetings with many of the worlds leading manufacturers of inexpensive computer parts to help build a set of unique television "Smart TV" boxes, ATSC products as well as working on the companies next dream of creating a range of low cost home automation products that cover everything from security to convenience. 

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Mark takes the educating side of technology very seriously and applies his knowledge to teach others about it and how to be a part of the ever changing world of computers, without breaking the bank, or your TV. 

They are an internationally known company with headquarters in more than 10 countries. Developing mainly on the Android platform for everything from Smart TV Boxes to Home automation. Even if you don't recognize the brand, you can bet you have seen or used a product that they have made in the form of digital signs, menus, touch screen kiosks as well as many other products that require a powerful, low cost small computer system. 

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