Napoleon Hill Foundation on The 1925 Edition of Law of Success

The amazing Don Green, Executive Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation has issued this statement on the Foundation website.

The Truth About the “1925 Edition” of Law of Success

Recently there have been a number of people offering to sell a 1925 edition of Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success. Some of them claim that this book contains secrets omitted from the 1928 edition, which is published by the Foundation.

The facts are that Napoleon Hill was unable to obtain a publisher for the 1925 version, which was fewer than 500 pages long. He was encouraged to expand on the principles in the book, and the result was the 1928 edition, which contained more than 1,400 pages. It accordingly contains much more substance than does the 1925 version.

We have compared the two versions and nothing of any consequence in the 1925 version was omitted from the 1928 version.

None of the people offering to sell the 1925 version of Law of Success on television or the Internet, or offering coaching programs based on this version, is endorsed or authorized by the Foundation. As in the past, we urge you to purchase only products authorized by the Foundation, because only then will the proceeds be used for our charitable, educational goals.

We appreciate the loyalty of all our fine supporters.

Don GreenExecutive Director

Go to the Foundation website at the link below to order authorized books and audio programs.

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Napoleon Hill Foundation

"Why You Should Buy Only Foundation Endorsed and Authorized Materials"

By Robert Johnson Napoleon Hill Foundation General Counsel

The Napoleon Hill Foundation is a not for profit charitable institution which uses the revenues it receives from sales of its books and audios for educational purposes. Its principal activities are funding scholarships, professorships and courses at the University of Virginia at Wise, Virginia and Purdue University-Calumet, and instructing adult and juvenile correctional institution inmates in Dr. Hill's seventeen principles.

Unfortunately, there are some publishers of Napoleon Hill's materials who are not authorized by the Foundation. While we do what we can to curtail these publications, we are not able to stop them all. We ask our loyal followers to avoid these unauthorized publications for two main reasons. First, many have been altered, either by deletions or additions to the original text, often undisclosed, and are accordingly not one hundred percent authentic Napoleon Hill material. Second, our Foundation receives no revenue from sales of these materials to use for its educational purposes. How can you know if a book or audio is authorized? There are several things to look for. First, on our newer books, look for our logo on the back cover. Second, many of our newer books were edited or co-written by our World Learning Center Director, Judith Williamson. When you see her name on the cover or title page you can be sure it is authentic. Third, many of our older books and audios are published by Random House and other publishers under licenses signed by Napoleon Hill himself. They do not carry the logo or Ms. Williamson's name. Please look at the "copyright page", usually the first page after the cover of a book, and at the audio packaging or envelope; if it contains the phrase "Copyright 19__ or 20__ by The Napoleon Hill Foundation" you will know it is an authorized edition.

We know the readers of this message are loyal followers of Napoleon Hill and his principles. Please apply one of them and "go the extra mile" to be sure you are buying authorized products. We greatly appreciate your support.

A Message from the Executive Director

When considering purchasing any book where Napoleon Hill is listed as the author, the Napoleon Hill Foundation would deeply appreciate it if you would check the copyright page on the inside of the book. If the copyright does not show copyright © by the Napoleon Hill Foundation no royalty is being paid to the non-profit Napoleon Hill Foundation. Should you have a question, please contact the Napoleon Hill Foundation.Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Don Green, Executive Director Napoleon Hill Foundation

Napoleon Hill Foundation