Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today July 29 2011

This week's Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today ezine has the usual article by the amazing Judy Williamson as well as content from Napoleon Hill's writings.

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Watch the video by Ray Stendall on why you should be certified.

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Dear Readers,

Recently I saw a production of The Wiz at a local theater. One song that stayed in my mind was sung by Evillene, the Wicked Witch of the West, entitled No Bad News. The lyrics to this song are really commands to her subjects not to worsen her day by detailing any news that wasn't positive. Probably most of us can relate to this feeling and find ourselves desiring breaks from the media that seems, for the most part, only to deliver "bad news."

Looking at this from a different perspective, however, it is not so simple to remove ourselves from the equation. Sticking our heads in the sand, running for shelter, turning off the television, computer, radio, etc., simply does not undo the news. We may receive a brief respite, yet the news is still the news and we are a part of it in the making.

Do things in your immediate world escalate out of control? Do you help or hinder the process? If bills are unpaid and accounts in arrears, is the world the culprit or are you also part of the problem? When we look within to understand what is happening in our external world possibly we find that we have contributed to the making of the problem. Finger pointing is always easy, and a world wherein we are equipped with blinders not only shields us from the bad, but from the good we could envision as well.

Sometimes, by exposing the problem and having society look at it dead center saves us from beating around the bush. Knowing what we are dealing with is the very first step to solving any lingering problem. Define the problem, and then you can begin the process of creating a solution. Sweep a problem under the rug and it will begin to grow until you finally wind up tripping over the bulge in the carpet. Why not diagnose the problem correctly from the onset, and recognize that suffering precedes healing? Both are essential in the cycle of life. With that said, let's focus on the positive to eliminate the negative. One can only exist because of the other.

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center

Target Your Success by Michael Telepary

Thoughts are things. However, only thoughts that are manifested in your world through regular application will provide you with the results you are pursuing. In order to bring about what you desire in life, you must DO something with the information.

This artistic application of the 17 Success Principles is designed to assist you in conducting a self-assessment of your personal application of these key principles to your daily life. Each artwork is accompanied by five questions that will promote your consideration and review of how you can use Dr. Hill's principles in your life immediately.

When you hit the START button, your review will begin. As you progress through the images, you can linger on a certain question, jot down your responses in your success journal, and decide how you are applying the responses in your life. If you simply read and comprehend, you are neglecting the most important part of the tutorial -- application. Until you apply what you know in daily living, you will not reap the results that are promised to you.

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Michael Telepary Target Your Success Collage

Napoleon Hill International Tour & Convention Details

The Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification 2011

There's still time to qualify for the Napoleon Hill Foundation's Leader Certification in Ireland - November 2-9, 2011. Basic internet class begins on September, 2011. Register online at Next, email Chino at for the PMA Leader Certification Requirements.

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to become a certified leader in the Emerald Isle.

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Ray Stendall Why Get Certified Video

Yesterday and Today ezine

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"Why You Should Buy Only Foundation Endorsed and Authorized Materials"

By Robert Johnson Napoleon Hill Foundation General Counsel

The Napoleon Hill Foundation is a not for profit charitable institution which uses the revenues it receives from sales of its books and audios for educational purposes. Its principal activities are funding scholarships, professorships and courses at the University of Virginia at Wise, Virginia and Purdue University-Calumet, and instructing adult and juvenile correctional institution inmates in Dr. Hill's seventeen principles.

Unfortunately, there are some publishers of Napoleon Hill's materials who are not authorized by the Foundation. While we do what we can to curtail these publications, we are not able to stop them all. We ask our loyal followers to avoid these unauthorized publications for two main reasons. First, many have been altered, either by deletions or additions to the original text, often undisclosed, and are accordingly not one hundred percent authentic Napoleon Hill material. Second, our Foundation receives no revenue from sales of these materials to use for its educational purposes. How can you know if a book or audio is authorized? There are several things to look for. First, on our newer books, look for our logo on the back cover. Second, many of our newer books were edited or co-written by our World Learning Center Director, Judith Williamson. When you see her name on the cover or title page you can be sure it is authentic. Third, many of our older books and audios are published by Random House and other publishers under licenses signed by Napoleon Hill himself. They do not carry the logo or Ms. Williamson's name. Please look at the "copyright page", usually the first page after the cover of a book, and at the audio packaging or envelope; if it contains the phrase "Copyright 19__ or 20__ by The Napoleon Hill Foundation" you will know it is an authorized edition.

We know the readers of this message are loyal followers of Napoleon Hill and his principles. Please apply one of them and "go the extra mile" to be sure you are buying authorized products. We greatly appreciate your support.

A Message from the Executive Director

When considering purchasing any book where Napoleon Hill is listed as the author, the Napoleon Hill Foundation would deeply appreciate it if you would check the copyright page on the inside of the book. If the copyright does not show copyright © by the Napoleon Hill Foundation no royalty is being paid to the non-profit Napoleon Hill Foundation. Should you have a question, please contact the Napoleon Hill Foundation.Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Don Green, Executive Director Napoleon Hill Foundation

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