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Napoleon Hill Leader Certification Trip To Italy

The 2013 Napoleon Hill Leader Certification trip was held in Tuscany and Venice, Italy.

I have some pictures from the trip from various people.

The group stayed at the Hotel Continental in Venice. 

During the 18th century the dynasty died out and the building was donated to Opera Pia del Capitolo di San Geremia, and over the centuries it was renovated and expanded until reaching the structure that we see today. 

The exteriors are tasteful and typically Venetian, while the interior of the hotel exudes the ambiance of a great elegant hotel, starting right from the lobby. A facility where hospitality is combined with a sharp eye for detail. 

The reception, with floors in yellow Siena marble and white marble from Portugal, greets guests in a space admirable for its beauty and stately elegance. 

In Tuscany, stayed at the Hotel Villa Casagrande in Tuscany.

The hotel is a very elegant residence in the historical centre of Figline Valdarne, a town in the heart of Tuscany. It dates back to the end of 1300.

Surrounded by Ghibelline/Guelph walls and an imposing solid tower, the wonderful fortified Villa soon became the place of innumerable meetings between artists and philosophers of that time, and hosted great personalities such as Pope Leone X, Carlo VII of Borbone, King of the two Sicilies, and Carlo V, King of Spain.

Activities Options were:

Tuscany: Chianti Trail and Wine tasting in the towns of Castellina and Greve. 

Visit includes Castellodi Verrazzano $175 per person. 

Tuscany: Wine Tasting at Villa Casagrande $25 per person. 

Cooking Class --- 3 hours any Monday thru Thursday afternoon (set up in advance) 

with Chef Paola Boncini. Featuring Tuscan dishes that will be served at the end of the class $140 per person. 

ABOVE from left: Uriel (Chino) Martinez, Ana Laura Quesada, Judy Williamson, Alan Chen

ABOVE: Playing Achievus

Above: Jeremy Rayzor, creator of Ticket to Wealth and Achievus at the Leaning Tower

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