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Organo Gold's Andrea Blackley Interviewed for BlogTalkRadio

I interviewed Organo Gold's Andrea Blackley, one of the top income earners in all of OG for my Journey To Success Radio show. The show will air on Friday June 22nd at 1:00PM EST on the station. Until then, you can listen to the interview through the Dropbox link below.

Most people in the OG business know of Andrea Blackley. Listen to this interview and learn more about her incredible journey with OG.

Andrea talks about how David Imonitie recruited her into the business and how they first met while she was working at Nordstrom's.

As a former 3rd grade school teacher for 8 years, Andrea Blackley is now a leading lady in the industry of Network Marketing with Organo Gold, the official and only Partner of The Napoleon Hill Foundation She is now in her 4th year of experience in this industry and she says that she is so grateful for believing. Being a single mom for the past 7 years put her in a position to do what's necessary to win; not just for her, but for her son Nicholas.

When she got started with OG on April 22, 2009, she had only $567 in her bank account. That money was to be used to pay her car note, but instead she invested it in an opportunity of a lifetime!

Her account went completely negative the day after she got started, but that did not affect her positive mindset. She knew that she was choosing to change in order to have change, and that decision definitely transformed her life forever.

Just 5 months after getting started with OG, she totally replaced her teacher's income and was able to walk away from that position on September 21, 2009...a Monday! This September, it will be 3 years that she has been FREE! In that process, many lessons have been learned and many more are still being taught and learned at the same time!

She always knew that she wanted to be in total control of her life, but just wasn't sure how it was going to manifest!

In a million years, she never could have imagined it would come through COFFEE!! Becoming a 6 figure earner with OG within her 1st 12 months, being only the 2nd single African American female to accomplish the level of Diamond Consultant in the entire company and the 1st to accomplish it in Texas, let's her know that anything is possible!!

Now every day she sees a cup of coffee or a picture of coffee or even hear someone speak the word "coffee" she is reminded that she made the right decision and that her family and millions of other families are now able to build a "Generational Wall of Wealth"!

She is forever grateful to Organo Gold, the leadership, the product, the system, and the ability to Choose Happiness And Never Give Excuses!

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