PMA Hat Available to Purchase

The PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) logo on this hat was designed by Uriel (Chino) Martinez from The Napoleon Hill Foundation. If you look closely you can see the crosses he has imbedded into the design. You can order the hat or any other apparel with the PMA logo on it by contacting me.

The cost is $27 + $6 shipping.

Organo Gold is the official and only Partner of The Napoleon Hill Foundation and we would like your opinion. Try a few cups of our delicious, gourmet, healthy coffee and tell us how you like the taste and how it makes you feel.

Our coffee is infused with 100% organic ganoderma, also known as reishi and lingzhi. Ganoderma is given to every cancer patient in Japan and has been called The King of Herbs in Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. One of the main healthy benefits is that our coffee is ph balanced which means you will not get heartburn or acid reflux from drinking our coffee like you get with all other coffees.

Drinking our coffee also helps the Foundation to provide university scholarships to deserving students.

To request your free samples, fill in your address at the link below.

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