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Pete DeLorenzo - Nationally Recognized Comedian, Impressionist, Actor, Recording Artist, Screenwriter, Producer, Director, and Humanitarian. As seen on David Letterman, Showtime, Comedy Central, HBO, Soprano's, as well as 16 motion pictures.

Above - Pete impersonating Columbu, Peter Falk

I interviewed Pete DeLorenzo for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. He is in the process of producing his own screenplay The Mentor and making it into a major feature film. Pete is a very vocal Christian and also a fan of Napoleon Hill and his book Think and Grow Rich.

Pete's manager is a fellow host of the Journey To Success radio station, Dave Yablecki. Listen to my interview with this great man.

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Above - Pete doing an impression of the late great George Burns

About Pete

Pete DeLorenzo, star of stage and screen, is no stranger to the spotlight.

Pairing his original comic material with close to 200 celebrity impressions his talents do not stop when the microphone goes off. Pete has appeared in many successful Feature Films.

Pete's love of film and comedy inspired him to write the screenplay for his Upcoming Major Feature Film, "The Mentor". The movie is preceded by the release of his first Original Hit Song "They All Remind Me Of You", written, produced, performed and published on his own label.

While working both the comedy stage and silver screen, Pete makes the time to bring something back to the community such as the famous Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, and Pete is also well known for his charitable work with Healing The Children, and many other charitable fund drives, both on a local and National level.

He has been noted by the media and press as the "
Peaceful Warrior" and "Mr. Charity", mainly because of his Humanitarian work and the avocation of making the World a better, non-violent and drug free place to live in. This has earned him the President's Volunteer Action Award for his Humanitarianism by the Late and Former President Ronald Reagan.

Above - Pete is an animal lover and especially loves rescue dogs.

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