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peter lepinski interviewed for journey to success radio

Peter Lepinski was interviewed by Jim Shorkey and Michael Watt for Journey To Success Radio.

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about peter lepinski

After his education at the University of Regina in business, Peter honed his leadership and organizational skills in the Canadian Forces, serving with and leading NATO member troops in areas around the globe. As a veteran, Peter entered the corporate business world and achieved significant financial results and operational effectiveness for the business organizations he worked for. In his corporate roles he has filled various management and leadership positions and has been responsible for up 220 million dollars of company business. Additionally, during the mid-90’s, Peter owned his first small business.

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In 2009, Peter became a Certified Business Coach and opened an office in Grande Prairie, bringing business coaching to the Grande Prairie market. In 2012, Peter also became a Certified Executive Coach. Currently he is the owner and senior partner in Business Innovation Group, working with business owners and leaders in growing their businesses and lives. In addition to running his business, he does public speaking engagements, seminars, workshops and is the President of one of the local Rotary Clubs.


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