Having a Pleasing Personality Can Lead to Greatness

This article came from Phil Barlow. Phil is a Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor. Judy Williamson, the Director of The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center, speaks very highly of Phil.

Greatness is not a function of circumstance. It is a result of conscious choice and discipline by people who have a burning desire to achieve greatness. Take a look at any organization that has achieved extraordinary performance and you will find people whose personalities infect the entire organization with enthusiasm and confidence. The attributes of their personalities are contagious and attach like a magnet to others in the organization.

The power of choice is a remarkable thing. It is one of the greatest powers bestowed on the human race. A pleasing personality is not something we’re born with. It’s something we can choose to develop throughout our lives. It’s encouraging to know the traits of a pleasing personality are within the reach of the humblest person. Regardless of age, physical stature, race, social environment or habitat, you can choose to develop a pleasing personality. It all starts with taking a personal inventory of who you are and then committing to change bad habits into good ones and improving on the good habits you have.

Every time you come in contact with another person or groups of people, you leave them with an impression. How do they really feel about the experience? Do they feel better or worse as a result of it? Does your personality have anything to do with how they feel?


Your personality is your greatest asset or liability. It can attract other people to you like a magnet or repel them like a bad smell. It embraces everything you control through the power of choice: your mind, body and soul. Personality is the most important factor that determines whether a person is liked or disliked by others. Having effective relationships and interaction with others, to a large degree, will determine the success of any individual.

It’s important to always be considerate of others. Being genuinely interested in other people and respecting their dignity is one sure way to develop a pleasing personality, the personality that attracts like a magnet. Above all, observe the golden rule; treat others as you would like to be treated. If you treat others the way you would like to be treated, you will not have to worry about whether people like you or not.

You personality is entirely up to you. You have the power of choice right at your fingertips. You can choose to have a pleasing personality or you can choose not to. What is your choice?

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