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ron finlay - professional dj on journey to success radio

I met Ron Finlay at a Rotary Club event I was speaking at to commemorate the United Nations International Day of Happiness.

Ron is a professional DJ. The business is his passion and he invests a significant amount of time into every event he does.

I interviewed him for Journey To Success Radio. Ron provided tons of tips and ideas about planning and running an event that will be invaluable for anyone who has to plan a major event.

about ron finlay

Ron is an Electrical and Acoustics Engineer with a long time side business of being a DJ for weddings and parties.

In 1999, Ron and his associate Dennis co wrote a 400-page book called How to Become a Mobile DJ, which became the text book used in colleges across Canada. Then, they developed a series of 13 Practical How to Guides, covering additional specific topics. Ron presents this information in seminars in Canada and the US, owing to his confidence behind a microphone and in front of an audience. For over 25 years Ron has been a member of DJ associations, now a director of the Canadian Professional DJ Association, and founding member of the Canadian Entertainment Standards Council.

testimonials for ron

“A big concern for me was a DJ who would function on their own based on experience and common sense. I decided to call Ron because he has a Ballroom Dance background and doesn’t pad his services with expensive promotional materials full of lights, chemical fog and other things that speak not at all to the quality of the actual music.

Then when we found out that Ron was also an engineer, this reassured me further that the music services weren’t something we’d have to worry about. The request driven element was a “plus” in ways I couldn’t have predicted and definitely took the guesswork out of the equation.

If you’re reading this, you’re considering Ron Finlay and Perpetual Rhythms for your event. My suggestion to you is: Just Book Him!”

Liana K.

“Thank you very much for everything!

We have been getting rave reviews from our guests and Derick and I both appreciated your attentiveness to both our wishes and needs for the evening. Having you there made it so much easier, especially with your expertise.

I especially love how you were able to accommodate my new mother and keep her on the dance floor. If she was up dancing, so was everyone else. You definitely had a good read on the crowd.

You kept the volume at a PERFECT level all night long – I find all too often when at other functions the music is much too loud, making a meaningful conversation close to impossible.

We would highly recommend your entertainment services to anyone hosting a special event – you made it easy, stress-less and more importantly, memorable! Big Smiles!

Thank you Ron for everything!”

Misty-Lee and Derick (North Bay)

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