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sania Jamil founder of bumble brain box on journey to success radio

Sania Jamil is the Co-Founder of Bumble Brain Box and owner of a Kids R Kids franchise in Katy, Texas. She is also a co-author of Journeys To Success: Napoleon Hill Inspired Stories Millennials edition due out in August 2016.

I interviewed Sania for Journey To Success Radio.

about sania jamil

Sania Jamil is the founder & CEO of Bumble Brain Box, a monthly subscription box that teaches parents how to play with their newborn, infant, or toddler to help teach social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and auditory skills. She is also a franchisee for Kids R Kids in Katy, TX, helps operate two other locations, and assisted in launching the Kids R Kids franchise in China.

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It was this exposure to early childhood education that inspired the idea behind Bumble Brain Box. She is passionate about education, personal development, and storytelling, so she chronicles her day-to-day life in the small business and startup world on @howgr8pplthink on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. She is also outspoken about the challenges of being a female Muslim entrepreneur and hopes to overcome the stereotype. 

about bumble brain box

The mission at Bumble Brain Box, a monthly subscription box for children 0 to 3 years old, is to teach parents how to play with their child to help target specific areas of brain development. A percentage of profit will also be used to fund mission trips to support early childhood education in developing countries.

Up to 90% of brain development happens during ages 0 to 5. Sign up for a monthly box under “subscribe,” which you can cancel at any time, or a one-time delivery of Bumble Brain Box in our “shop” to help target specific areas of your child's brain development. The monthly subscription is $19.99/month + S&H, and the one-time purchase is $24.99 + S&H. After checkout, you’ll receive an email questionnaire about your child and his or her birthday. Please reply, so we can send you an age-appropriate box. 

The Bumble Brain Box is ideal for children between 0 to 3 years old and is designed with busy families in mind, so each activity can last a few minutes or much longer depending on your schedule. We ship at the end of each month, so as soon as it arrives, you can get started with helping your child learn and grow!

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