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The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill, a Napoleon Hill Foundation book

The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill is a Napoleon Hill Foundation book that will teach your kids the Success Principles identified in Hill's book Think and Grow Rich.

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What if someone had shared Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success with you when you were a child? What if you could not only understand each of these principles, but also knew exactly how to apply them in your life... How much farther would you be today?

In 1937 after the release of the most read self-help book of our time Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill made a special request that would change the take the 17 Principles of Success that has created countless millionaires and teach them to children of all ages!

Would weekly one-on-one video mentoring from the world's most well known Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor help you stay accountable to, and achieve, your life's purpose and goals faster than what you are currently doing?

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The Napoleon Hill Foundation Proudly Announces this History Making Moment with the Release of the long-awaited Children’s Classic…

The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill: 17 Short Stories based on the Principles of Success by “Think and Grow Rich” Author, Napoleon Hill

Welcome to an Amazing Adventure you will not soon forget of Oliver, Olivia, and Big Zeke who you’ve not yet met. You’ll also meet their friends, who are very much like you, enjoying life and every day learning something new. These lessons from Dr. Hill will guide you your whole life through into a wonderful world of possibilities that you never knew. As you read these amazing adventures keep an open mind, deep inside lie hidden treasures that you are sure to find. Let the journey begin as you Make Your Dreams Come True. - Havilah Malone and Diane Lampe

about the author

Havilah Malone is a #1 Best Selling Author & Inspirational Speaker from New Orleans who graduated from college at the age of nineteen. She is the visionary leader of Proof of What’s Possible, Inc. which specializes in personal & business development for entrepreneurs & leaders.

Malone has been featured on Fox, NBC, CBS, Huffington Post and more. Havilah attributes much of her success to Napoleon Hill’s principles she learned as a youth. She gives back to leaders of the next generation as a youth advocate and founder of the non-profit foundation Living Beyond the Box, Inc. Their premiere program Everybody Loves Barbie is a self-empowerment movement that helps youth break the silence of abuse.

Havilah is a Master Certified Practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and she is a Certified Instructor for the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Diane Lampe is President and COO of The Lampe Company, LLC., a multi-million dollar financial services business she owns and operates with her husband, Bill. Diane has used Napoleon Hill's master work, The Law of Success, in their business for the past 10 years. She attributes much of their success to understanding and teaching the Napoleon Hill 17 principles of success. As a mother and recent grandmother, she has spent years in raising their children to believe that the path to success is thru applying these success principles and now taking to the next generation. A best-selling author, she recently achieved international recognition with the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification program.

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