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The Magic Bullet Automotive Dealership Training on Journey To Success Radio

The Magic Bullet Co-Founders Paul Hatcher and Stefan Hambright train automotive dealers to increase sales and profits using their proven system. They are also both fans of Napoleon Hill and his book Think and Grow Rich.

I interviewed them for Journey To Success Radio to find out why they left their high paying, secure jobs at Lithia Motors, a Fortune 400 company, to start their automobile dealership training company.

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about the magic bullet, paul hatcher and stefan hambright

Paul Hatcher is the CEO/Founder of The Magic Bullet, the premier automotive consulting company in the auto industry and the only one that combines Digital Marketing, Customer Care Centers and Sales Training to create a system for dealerships to achieve R.E.A.L. results.

Mr. Hatcher is a 2007 graduate of Warren National University in Leadership and Management and has over 26 years’ experience managing domestic, import and luxury automotive dealerships. He has worked for Lithia Motors, a Fortune 400 company, for the past fifteen years.

During his tenure with Lithia, he created his own sales training system called The Easiest Job in the World and trained hundreds of sales and service personnel. By implementing and utilizing his training, his sales teams sold the most cars in their respective markets and dominated their competition.

He has won numerous manufacturer awards and is a 9 year Lithia Circle of Champion winner. He is a two-time Founder Cup award winner for the top store in Lithia Motors and was the first leader of the prestigious Lithia Partners Group established in 2014. 

Paul is a bestselling author, having contributed to the Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructors and Students book Beyond "What If"?: Real Life Stories of How Purpose Turns Dreams Into Reality. He also wrote The Easiest Job in the World, about how to earn as much money as a doctor or a lawyer selling cars.

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Stefan Hambright has been in the automotive industry for over half a decade, a time during which he has accomplished unbelievable results in the online automotive world. He is called the "online guru" and "online overlord" by his peers.

Over the span of his career, he has revolutionized the online dealerships through merchandising, increasing leads and VDPs, and introducing extremely profitable social campaigns to the digital vehicle market. Since his work began, his dealerships' online campaigns have received the highest conversion rates in the nation. 

He is the Co-Founder of The Magic Bullet automotive consulting group. 

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