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The Rotary Edition of the bestselling Journeys To Success book series

The Rotary Edition of the international bestselling Journeys To Success book series will feature stories from Rotarians and Rotary clubs.

If you are a Rotarian, or know someone who is, please share this information with them.

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about the rotary edition

I am recruiting 25 authors for Journeys To Success: The Rotary Edition, to be released in October or November, 2017 and would like your club and your members to consider contributing a chapter. You can use the book to help recruit new members, give to guests and speakers, as an ongoing way to earn money for the club, and for your business.

Volumes 1,2, 3 (Women's Edition) and 4 (The Millennial Edition) and 5 all became Amazon #1 bestsellers, 4 of them international bestsellers (Canada and the US). Volume 6, the Physical and Mental Health Edition is being released on July 9th.

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See them, and the other international #1 bestselling books published by me here.

All of the books in the series are titled Journeys To Success.

We will use our proven Amazon International #1 Bestselling book process.

Each contributor writes a chapter between 2,500 - 3,500 words. There are 3 types of stories we are looking for:

  • Personal stories about how you found out about Rotary and your own story of the work you have done and the impact it has made on your life
  • Stories about the history of your club
  • Stories about your favourite fundraising project
  • Stories about your business, job and profession and how you do business with other Rotarians, as customers, suppliers, and professionals

Contributors will also include a bio of between 150-200 words and one picture.

My Publisher will create and publish the book. The cost for clubs and authors to purchase a paperback book will be his Amazon cost, around $6.00US + shipping and taxes.

Authors and clubs will earn money by selling a paperback version of the book, in person, for $20. Your profit, including shipping and taxes will be about $8-12 per book, depending on whether you live in Canada or the US.

Profits from the project will be donated to my club for use in its international projects.

We will use the 1-month process required to become Amazon bestselling authors. We will have authors from both Canada and the US, so the book will become an International #1 Bestselling book.

With the combined family, personal, business, email and social media contacts of that many contributors, becoming an Amazon international #1 bestseller is much easier.

The cost per contributor is $650US, $750 if you want your name on the front cover. There will only be 7 names on the front cover.

That includes:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Project management
  • CreateSpace and Amazon expenses
  • Our Publisher John Clayton
  • Book cover and marketing efforts of Brad Szollose
  • Amazon bestselling process and emails

There are no refunds at any time if you change your mind and back out.

Your chapter needs to be written before September 15th. We will start the Amazon bestselling process after we receive a link for the book from Amazon for our Kindle version and launch the book on a Sunday in October or early November.

If you agree to all this and are 100% in, email with the subject line -  I'm in 

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