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Think and Learn Big Cartoon Series

The cartoon series “Think and Learn Big” was created by Rachel and Brian Michael.

They wrote the cartoon based on their desire to teach the success principles from Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich to children in a way they can understand.

I interviewed Rachel Michael for my Journey To Success Radio show.

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About Think and Learn Big

Brian and Rachel live in Missouri and have three children of their own.  After utilizing the principles from the book themselves, they wanted to find a way to give the much needed information to children.  Their passion is to help children understand that they are the creators of their own life and that no matter what their current circumstance, they can discover their greatness.  Brian and Rachel are very excited to be collaborating with Claudio, Francesco, and The Napoleon Hill Foundation on the project.

They all work as a mastermind team and their heart is truly in this great project.

Claudio Quartarone is one of the most talented jazz guitarists in Italy. One of his major goals in life is to inspire people in pursuing their dreams in every area of their life. He sees Think and Learn Big as a great opportunity and a great way to do so with the most susceptible kind of people: the children. He believes they just need the right information to be successful in life, whatever success means to them.  Claudio is producing the musical composition for the cartoon.

Francesco Pellegrino is an Italian visual artist and in his work, one can recognize both a rational side, as he became an engineer, and an emotional side, with the strong belief that what is released into the universe, under energy form, attracts similar vibes like a magnet. He wanted to contribute to the project because he wanted to spread the concepts in Hill's book to the people, especially at their young age.  He believes it is very important to understand that it is not the initial condition in life that determines what one will be, but the daily actions that matter.  Francesco is the visual artist.

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