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Ticket to Wealth

Ticket to Wealth is a Napoleon Hill Foundation licensed card game created by Jeremy Rayzor, Founder of Rayzor Sharp Entertainment.

Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center, worked directly with Jeremy, a Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor to create 100 challenges. You earn Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) points as you progress through the challenges.

Jeremy Rayzor also invented the board game Achievus, based on the 13 Success Principles in the book Think and Grow Rich. That game has gained popularity around the world. It is aimed at kids 8+.

ABOVE: Eric Lassard (left) Author and Speaker from Dublin Ireland with the first Ticket to Wealth customer at the Vision Seminars event.

ABOVE: Jeremy and his father in Toronto

Below is the description of the game from Rayzor Sharp Entertainment's website:

Discover your Ticket to Wealth with 100 challenges based on Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success. Players will learn, review, and apply the knowledge necessary to earn the wealth of happiness and prosperity. After much thought, these 100 challenges were composed which focus on vital elements of Napoleon Hill’s Success Philosophy.

As you solve and study the challenges you will gain a more profound understanding of the philosophy of success. Every card provides a brief explanation to each answer from the array of challenges provided. Earn the most Positive Mental Attitude points to win the PMA Leadership Status among your family and friends.

Why play?

Playing within your relationships will help enhance a success conscious environment in a fun engaging approach. 

When you discover the Ticket to Wealth you will increase your right to be successful.

1 to 6 Players  -  Ages 14 to Adult


One of the things I hear the most from people when discussing Napoleon Hill writings is that they wish they had learned it at a younger age. Many of them also have as their Definite Purpose to get young people reading and learning the principles.This game is the answer for them.

I have told Jeremy a number of times that when I first heard of his game I was jealous. I rarely get jealous however I think this is the best product to help teach the younger generation about old fashioned and time tested success principles.

Takeshi Umemura from Japan, another Hill Certified Instructor and friend of mine, is selling the game and creating a craze for the game in his country. Takeshi is very active in his country getting large groups of people playing the game together. I call him the King of Achievus.

Dr. J.B. Hill, grandson of Napoleon Hill, plays the game with his children and they love it.

I am blessed to have a pre-production copy of the game in my possession thanks to Jeremy.

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