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Tim Cork - Speaker, Author, Master Motivator, Networker

Tim Cork launched his new book G3: The Gift of You, Leadership, and Netgiving at Scotiabank Plaza on the 63rd floor overlooking Toronto on May 24th, 2013.

I was blessed to be invited by my friend Al Zelnick, who is finishing his Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification course.

I met Al at the Think and Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar, CA where I was one of the speakers. I found it funny that 2 guys from Toronto ended up meeting each other in California.

About Tim

Tim is the President of Straight A's. Their purpose and motto is: Get Straight A's in life through Attitude, Aptitude, and action! They are experts on Leadership Development, Coaching and Sales Training.

He is a sought after speaker and has been published in numerous magazines and papers.

Known as “The Networking Guru” by The Globe and Mail and Breakfast Television and “The Career Guru” by the Toronto Sun and Star, he educates, entertains and shares his wisdom with thousands every year. 


Give, Give, and Give again — that is Tim Cork’s formula for personal and professional success.

The first gift is to you — when you get really good at you, everyone around you benefits.The second is leadership — the gift of raising other people’s game. And the third is netgiving — connecting with others to help them succeed.

As the author puts it, “netgiving takes the work out of networking.” G3 is as practical and wise as it is entertaining and inspirational.

“G3’s simple, powerful lessons will make a difference in your life.”  MARIO GOSSELIN, COO, Kruger Products

“G3 provides important new insights into how each of us can more effectively utilize the talents we have to better communicate, influence, and connect with others.” BLAKE GOLDRING, Chairman and CEO, AGF Management Limited and Founder of Canada Company

“This book offers readers an opportunity to develop their own blueprint for great success. BOB COURTEAU, CEO, Altus Group Limited

ABOVE: A cake of Tim's new book G3


Like an iceberg, 90% of our potential lies under the surface. In this inspiring and motivating book, Tim Cork shows you how to tap into all that potential by developing and bringing together: Attitude: an open, confident spirit; Aptitude: the eagerness to learn and master skills; and, Action: the commitment to putting attitude and aptitude to work in our everyday lives. Cork will show you how to retain a childlike sense of wonder, dream big, be creative, move out in new directions, and be everything that you can be.

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