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The Ultimate Mastermind Summit

The Ultimate Mastermind Summit will be held in Chicago, IL on September 18th and 19th. I have been invited to speak at the event.

My AMAZING friends Tony Rubleski and Paul Guyon are the organizers of the event.

About the Event

From the Desk of Tony Rubleski

Dear Fellow Success Seeker and Agent of Positive Change:

The fact is, even with today’s technology, nothing has been (or likely will be) invented to replace knowledge gained from people who already enjoy the success you crave — whether in life, business or relationships.

As the world’s most successful leaders know, this multiplying of your brain power is the key to shortcutting your road to personal achievement.

That’s why I invite you to join a select group of top business owners, entrepreneurs and executives for a one-of-a-kind mastermind at The Ultimate Mastermind Summit 2014, this September 18-19, 2014, in Chicago, Illinois, where you will have the have the opportunity to gain insight from our featured speakers.

Network With Current and Future Captains of Industry

Not only do we have a world-class lineup of speakers on the main stage, but we also have a handpicked powerhouse of Mastermind Table Leaders. They were chosen for their skill as facilitators, mastermind leaders and coaches as well as their accomplishment of results and stewards of Napoleon Hill’s teachings.

Here’s just a few of these distinguished leaders you will associate with…

  • Ben Gay III is one of the top sales trainers on the planet, whose book series, the Closers, has sold over 5 millions copies.
  • Berny Dorhmann, founder of CEO Space – discover why Berny’s teachings has helped over 30,000 business owners in over 100 countries. Berny opens doors.
  • Brad Szollose helps you bridge the gap, motivate and communicate with the multiple generations in your business.
  • Tom Cunningham is the textbook definition of persistence, and uses his life-long battle with rheumatoid arthritis to change the lives of his students. He is one of a few Certified Napoleon Hill instructors on the planet.
  • John Di Lemme is a lightning rod of energy and one of the top strategic business coaches on the planet. He has helped thousands of people find their ‘Why’ and demolish fear, doubt and procrastination.
  • Jim Palmer, the Newsletter Guru, will share many ways to ger more done in less time and how to Stop Waiting and Start your Dream Business today!
  • And many others to be announced as they confirm…

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