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use your noodle and get the boodle or think and grow rich?

Use Your Noodle And Get The Boodle was the title that the original Publisher of Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich wanted to name it.

Instead, Hill gave his subconscious mind a stern talking to, and impressed upon it the urgency of coming up with a million dollar title. Around 2:30am one night, the title Think and Grow Rich came to his mind. 

Today, Think and Grow Rich is one of the top 10 bestselling non-fiction books of all time. Much of that has to do with its title.

use your noodle and get the boodle

Purchase the original 1937 edition of Think and Grow Rich from The Napoleon Hill Foundation here

The original 1937 manuscript was written and edited with the assistance of Napoleon’s wife. In later years, the existing document was again edited by Dr. Hill.

For example, the Foundation owns a 1958 edition that Hill edited personally. This did not lessen the book’s value in Hill’s judgment. Hill made the editing remarks in his own handwriting and the resulting 1960 edited edition has sold over 100 million copies making it the most read self-help book of all time.

The working title for the book that eventually became Think and Grow Rich was The 13 Steps To Riches. Neither Napoleon Hill or the Publisher were totally happy with the name.

Hill had thought of over 500 possible titles but felt that none of them were million dollar titles. Exasperated, the Publisher told Hill that, unless he came up with a better title in one day, the book would be titled 'Use Your Noodle To Get The Boodle. 

In desperation, before going to bed one night, Hill gave a stern lecture and command to his subconscious mind to come up with a million dollar title.

Although the infograph below grossly underestimates the number of copies of Think and Grow Rich read, it shows what company it keeps being one of the Top 10 Most Read books of all time.

Today, in 2015, with all the different ways to purchase and read Think and Grow Rich, it most likely has sold over 100 million copies.

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