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Will Bowen - Author of A Complaint Free World & Happy This Year

Will Bowen is one of my favorite Speakers, Authors and People.

His first book A Complaint Free World is one of the top 5 books I have ever read. It mirrors my personal philosophy of not complaining.

I had the awesome pleasure of interviewing Will for my Journey To Success Radio Show.

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About Will bowen

In 2006, Bowen handed out purple bracelets inviting people to use them as a tool to eradicate complaining from their lives. The concept was simple: put the bracelet on either wrist and every time you complain move the bracelet to the other wrist. The objective is to go 21 consecutive days without complaining. The bracelet makes people aware of when they complain and what day they are on toward their 21-day Complaint Free objective. 

The idea exploded around the world and, to date, A Complaint Free World (a non-profit organization founded by Bowen) has distributed nearly 10 million bracelets to more than 100 countries. 

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More than ten million people in 106 countries have used the simple principles found in this book to eradicate the toxicity of complaining from their lives.  And, as a result, they have experienced:
·         Better health
·         Happier relationships
·         Greater career success
·         Significant increases in happiness
In this book, you will learn:

·         What constitutes a complaint
·         Why complaining is destructive 
·         How to get yourself and others to stop complaining
Full of practical ideas and inspiring stories from people who have already transformed their lives,A Complaint Free World will teach you how to not only stop complaining but to also become more positive and have the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

Will Bowen's first two books, which are about Complaint Free living, have both become international bestsellers. And, over the last several years, he has delivered keynote speeches to dozens of companies and organizations around the world helping them create Complaint Free work environments that are calmer, happier and more productive.

A practical, yet inspirational work that proposes it’s the inner world of our psyches that determines happiness, not outside forces. We have control over our own happiness and this powerful book offers concrete advice on how to tap into it and nourish it all year round. The author focuses explicitly on the positive ways we can establish a higher set-point in our thoughts, speech, and actions, resulting in greater sustainable levels of happiness. Regardless of what the year and your life may bring, we can become measurably and sustainably happier.

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