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Ziglar Legacy Certification

The Ziglar Legacy Certification is specifically designed for high integrity professionals committed in training others to Be, Do, and Have more of everything life has to offer.

I am a HUGE Zig Ziglar fan. I have seen him speak live 9 times and also attended his 3 day Born To Win course in Texas. Zig went to be with the Lord on November 28, 2012 at the age of 86.

I spoke to Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc and proud son of the late Zig Zglar, about it as part of my Journey To Success Radio interview with him.

The first class recently completed and the picture from that inaugural class is above.

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Upon completion of the Ziglar Legacy Certification program you will be authorized, certified, and equipped to deliver the following presentations:

Personal Development - Becoming the Winner you were born to be

Winning Relationships - With Family, Friends, and in your profession

Achieving Goals - In your Personal, Family, Professional, and Spiritual life

This four-and-a-half day program is specifically designed for speakers, trainers, consultants, and business leaders who are presently training their current customers and team members to Be, Do, and Have more of everything that life has to offer.

You will also be equipped to provide training programs with group activities with ready-to-use Ziglar branded Legacy PowerPoints, workbooks, and support materials provided to you through a print on demand service helping you develop your customers and team members.

In addition, you will become an authorized reseller of Ziglar, Inc., materials and will be able to purchase materials at wholesale prices.

As part of the Ziglar Legcay Certification, You will be given authorization and a marketing kit that will allow you to use selected Ziglar logos and verbiage to help you promote these programs to your internal and external customers.

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