The Purpose Is Not To Get Closer To 21 In Blackjack

Speaking of blackjack, many people may think of the rule that “the closer you are to 21, the better (but you lose if you exceed 21)”. However, if your main goal is to get closer to 21, your chances of winning will be lower.

For example, if the dealer’s face-up card is 4 and your two cards total 13, you’ll be close to 21 if you get a number from 1 to 8 next, and you’ll just want to draw another one. But dealers are already likely to be over 21. Let’s put up with it and stand at 13. The main purpose of this game is “to beat the dealer”. Even if the number you have is much smaller than 21, you only have to beat the dealer.

Isn’t It Surprisingly Strict About Card Counting?

Overall, the crackdown on card counting has become less stringent , especially in the United States, depending on the casino house . After all, card counting is the act of imagining and thinking about the inside of the deck, and above all, it is a very difficult act to prove.

In fact, recently, a company called Griffin Agency, which provided card counting consulting services to casino houses in Las Vegas , went bankrupt. Therefore, it can be said that the number of casinos that want to take measures against card counting has decreased. In fact, these days, even with card counting, the cards are shuffled, and in most cases there is no particular indication. However, there are variations depending on the country and casino house, so it is recommended that you do a thorough preliminary check before going to the casino.

You Lose When You Apply Insurance

If the dealer’s face-up card is ace, the dealer may be blackjack. At this time, the player bets half of the initial stake on the dealer’s blackjack, and if so, he will receive a dividend. Many people do insurance because if they don’t insure and the dealer is blackjack, their first stake will be forfeited. But if you look at the numbers alone, when you multiply the insurance, the average house edge jumps by as much as 7%. If you play without insurance, the house edge is about 1%, so if you apply insurance, the probability of losing money will increase in the end. Of course, it’s an average story in the long run, so there’s a good chance you’ll make money in the short run.

Only 4.8% Chance Of Blackjack Coming From A Single Deck

Keep in mind that blackjack is very unlikely to occur when playing in a single deck. First, the probability of getting an ace on the first card is 4/52, and the probability of getting a 10-point card on the second card is 16/51. The first of the 52 cards and the second of the 51 cards will be released, and there are 2,652 combinations here. Among them, there are 128 combinations of ace and 10-point cards. Therefore, we can see that the probability of blackjack occurring is very low at 4.8%. It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when playing single decks, remembering which cards are already out.

Gambling With Few House Edges, That Is, “Easy To Make Money If You Win”

There are various types of gambling and gambling in the world, but Blackjack is one of the most profitable gambling. Every bet has a parent who runs the bet, and it is designed so that a percentage of the player’s stake is the parent’s share. This ratio is called the ” house edge “. For example, the house edge of major lottery tickets in Japan is about 45.7%, horse racing and boat racing is about 25%, and pachinko is about 10 to 20%. Meanwhile, the house edge of blackjack is about 1%. There are also 0.5% and 0.3% casinos. The characteristic of blackjack is that it is easy to make money if you win.

How To Find Better Deals Blackjack

Blackjack rules vary from casino house to casino house, with some favorable conditions and some bad conditions. If you look at the return rate when you generate blackjack with a combination of ace and 10-point card, you can see whether the blackjack of the casino house is in good condition. In many US casinos, when blackjack occurs, the first stake is paid out with a “3to2” return rate. If you make a stake of 2, you will get a payout of 3, which means that if you bet $ 100, you will get a payout of $ 150. However, in poorly conditioned casinos this is set to “6to5” and you will only get $ 120 for a $ 100 stake. It may seem like a small difference between “3to2” and “6to5”, but it is best to play at a casino with a high return rate such as “3to2”.

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