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the 2015 cunningham christmas letter

2015 was another AMAZING year for the Cunningham's. Kim and I are truly blessed and thankful for our lives.

Enjoy our 2015 Cunningham Christmas Letter Year in Review.

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2015 cunningham Christmas Letter

One of the things we are most grateful for is our family. Kims' mom, Marie, is 90 years young. She still drives her own car, legally.

Her sons, Micheal and Will, are doing well and living in our house in Brampton, along with Micheal's fiancee Jesi and her 2 year old girl Helena.

Kim and I are excited to call her a grandchild. She loves her Yaya, the name Kim chose for herself. I taught her to call me Tom. She screams when she sees Kim.

Michael and Jesi are getting married in September. Jesi works as an ECE teacher at a well known and large company called Peek A Boo. Helena goes to school there as well. Michael is working at No Frills, doing a great job and enjoying it. He is the only father Helena has known and she calls out his name even more than her mother. They are best friends and Micheal takes very good care of her.

Will is working for Canadian Tire at their warehouse in Brampton. His friend Ben, also one of our tenants at our house in Brampton, works the same days and shift and he has a car so Will gets a ride to work.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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Above: Kim in her new purple hat she bought while on our Caribbean cruise

My parents, sisters, and their families, are all doing well.

Dad has remodeled the house in Mattawa and he and Pauline are LOVING living their. We plan to visit them in January. 

Mom and Trevor are spending most of their time in Mississauga because Trevor needs dialysis treatment 3 times weekly. They sometimes get to their townhouse and/or cottage in Bracebridge for a few days.

Sarah, Mike and their kids are all taller than Kim and I. Troy may not be, but likely very close. They are all excelling at everything, and Mike and Sarah are busy and healthy. They both work hard and have a ton of fun. A great combination.

Lorraine and Brian are both healthy and doing well. They do more volunteer work than 95% of people. They serve in their church and at The Open Door in Mississauga, among others. They open their cottage to friends and family to enjoy their very beautiful spot right on the Lake. They both do a good number of World Vision trips to build things. 

Above: Kim finally ate at Webers, a famous restaurant along the highway in the Muskoka area. We pass by it regularly on the way to visit mom in Bracebridge, dad in North Bay and when we go to the Ottawa Valley to visit friends.

We moved in September to a 31st floor condo in Mississauga, near Square One shopping centre. We kept our house in Brampton and have the 4 bedrooms rented out to Kim' sons and the fiancee and the 2 year old and Will's long time friend Ben. They mostly pay for our condo with their rent.

The view from our balcony and bedroom is SPECTACULAR! On a clear night, we can see 6 towns/cities. Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. The building is called Chicago Towers and was designed after the old Sears Tower in Chicago. The amenities are first class.

Helena, our granddaughter said WOW! the first time she stood on our balcony. It is nice to be back to living with just the 2 of us, without a houseful of other people. 

Our dogs Casey (12 pound, 8 year old Maltese) and Blue (7 pounds, 7 year old Shitzhu) are our babies. We now walk them 15-20 minutes, twice a day, in the nearby park and at the school. We get to spend time together in the outdoors and move our bodies, which helps with fitness and health. Blue sticks very close to Kim and Casey is definitely my dog.

Kim started a new job this year and she loves it, and her boss. He works in Family Law and his Associate in Criminal Defense. 

Her direct boss is very good to her and compliments and thanks her every day for her work. She is a VERY hard worker and remains 100% focused ALL DAY EVERY DAY. She has known the Criminal Defense lawyer for many years, from her times at the Brampton Courthouse.

We both love our church and we have come to know MANY great people through it. They are a source of encouragement for us and a place where we feel comfortable being authentic and real with each other. Kim recently attended the women's dessert night with my mom and her mom. Kim's mom has been to 6+ events and services at our church and so people remember her and her name.

In June, we went to Calabogie Lodge for our timeshare week. It is normally the best week of the year for us. This year, Kim was sick from day 2 onwards. So sick that I brought her straight to a walk-in clinic when we returned home. The walk-in doctor called an ambulance to bring her to the hospital because she was very dehydrated and had very low blood pressure. She spent 2 days in the hospital and went to work the next day, for a full day.

Every year we go to the the Mask Beef Bash in Golden Lake in August, held on the Sunday of the long weekend. We camp at Bonnechere Lake and stay with either Chris Sernoskie in his trailer or his sister Linda, for a week, at the cabin she rents. I have been going there for almost 30 years and Kim for 8, so we know a lot of people who attend.

Above: The first selfie I have ever taken. Kim looks different and younger without glasses on. This was taken in the Normandy Room for High Tea on the Celebrity Summit ship during our Caribbean cruise.

We went on a Caribbean cruise in November with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. I was one of the teachers and mentors for the classes. I am somewhat of a celebrity at the Foundation and I was mentioned quite a few times during the week by various people during their classes and talks.

I co-authored and published an Amazon bestselling book - Adversity to Advantage: 3 Epic Stories of Transforming Life's Obstacles into Opportunity. My co-authors have very interesting chapters and life stories.

I have another book coming out in January that I created and published. It is titled Refusing To Quit and features 26 Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructors and Students. It will also become and Amazon bestselling book as well.

Another book I created and am publishing in February is Journeys To Success. There are 23 contributors for that book. With that many authors, all sharing the book through their social media, it is also sure to be an Amazon bestseller.

I just signed a contract to ghost write a book titled Beyond Riches, a real estate investing book which will feature many big name investors and television personalities being quoted and mentioned. That will be a fun and interesting project.