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The Cunningham Christmas letter

2016 was another amazing year for Kim and I. We are very blessed and thank God daily for all He has done for us. Our faith and our church help us to pursue the plans God has for our lives.

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Kim and I had said a few times that Las Vegas was not a place we had a desire to pay to visit however in mid-January we went there as I had a speaking engagement with Lithia Motors. Not only did they pay me well to speak, they also paid for Kim and I to stay 3 days at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and paid for our meals. We enjoyed a Michael Jackson themed Cirque du Soleil show. It was spectacular.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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In April, I went to Cambodia for 10 days, well actually 7 not including travel days. Myself and 6 other Napoleon Hill Instructors were the guest speakers for the Cambodia Science of Success International Convention. We spoke at InterED University. We spent a week with the students traveling the country after the convention. About 35-40 students and professors met us at the airport with flower wreathes and clapping and excitement. It felt like we were rock stars. I ate crickets and tarantulas while I was there.

Here is a video of me eating the tarantulas

Kim and her friend Cathy went to Mexico in April, the week before I left for Cambodia. As always, they had a blast.

Our summers are always busy and this year was no exception. We have a great selection of cottages, cabins, and a trailer that we visit on weekends.

We were only home for 3 weekends this summer. We especially love our Ottawa Valley friends including the Sernoskie's and Mask's.

We always attend the annual beef bash, which is now in its 27 year. I was one of the 20 or 25 people at the first beef bash and now it draws about 400 people, mostly Polish, at a very nice hunt camp in Round Lake.

The view from the cottage in Round Lake that we spend a weekend at every summer.

The hilite of our summer was driving to visit my sister Sarah and her husband Mike and their 3 kids; Dane, Troy and Lexa in Auburn New Hampshire. We had a blast hanging out with them over the July 1st (Canada Day) - July 4 weekend. 

Kim's youngest son, Micheal, and his wife Jesi, got married in September. My mom, a retired United Church minister, officiated the ceremony. It was held outside in a beautiful park.

We are in love with our 3 year-old granddaughter, Helena, Micheal and Jesi's daughter. We take every opportunity to spend time with her. 

Kim's oldest son, Will, got a job at Habitat for Humanity and he is loving it, and they are loving him. Working for a non-profit gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

Kim's mom, Marie, celebrated her 91st birthday this year. She lives on her own and still drives. Her only real challenge is hearing, which is remarkable for someone her age. We are blessed to still have her with us.

This year we added a 3rd dog to our pack. We rescued a female shitzhu named Dedee. She is 5 years old and lived in a puppy mill. Puppy mills dogs are kept in cages and not treated humanely. She loves her new life however she is still nervous around us. She will approach us and lick us like crazy when we come home but she does not allow us to pet her. That will come.

Our other 2, Casey and Blue, are doing very well and we experienced no troubles bringing Dedee into our house.

Like we have done for 7 years now, our favorite alone time vacation is the week at our timeshare at Calabogie Lodge, near Ottawa. On the weekend we have friends visit and party and during the wee we do a lot of nothing.

I joined a local Rotary Club this year and I am on the Board. Rotary does amazing work in their communities and around the world. I am proud to be a member.

Professionally, I created and published, along with my team, 7 Amazon #1 Bestselling books.

Kim participated in Mudderella with our daughter-in-law, Jesi. it is an 11km obstacle course in the mud. Jesi carried Kim on her back for about 1 km.

We want to thank our many amazing friends and our great family. We love you and count you as our greatest blessings.

Have an AMAZING 2017!