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abe brown President of Certified Coaches federation on journey to success radio

Abe Brown is the Founder of Momentum Coaching and the President of the Certified Coaches Federation, Founded by my amazing friend Derrick Sweet. I interviewed Abe for Journey To Success Radio. 

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about abe brown

Abe Brown is the founder and President of Momentum Coaching, and has trained over 1000 Life and Business Coaches right across Canada and the USA as the President of the Certified Coaches Federation. He has mentored both Life and Business Coaches from more than 5 major Coaching Industry associations including the Certified Coaches Federation, the International Coaches Federation, Coach University, and others. He has delivered keynote speeches, motivational talks, and conducted seminars and workshops all over Canada and the USA.

Abe has also spent significant time in the business world, successfully turning around several failing businesses to the tune of millions of dollars. This involved applying solutions to multiple issues such as leadership development, facilitating human resource management, driving sales growth, empowering full employee engagement, and executing strategic direction, brand management, and marketing. Abe has always been passionate about Leadership Development, and maximizing the greatest asset organizations have, which is their people.

Prior to business and coaching, Abe was a pastor and a counselor. He pastored several churches that experienced consistent year over year growth rates of 300% or more, led a post-secondary educational institution with over 100 full-time students and satellites in 12 countries, and spent over 15 years as a counsellor, coach and personal growth specialist.

Abe is happily devoted to his wife, Euniz and his three children, Joshua, Julianna, and Jasmine, and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Abe is the coach’s coach, and as President of the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF), has helped CCF to grow into one of the largest coach certification organizations in the world. The Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified over 10,000 coaches in the last 8 years. Abe has a Master’s degree in Education and Counseling, and is currently working on a Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Calgary.

about the certified coaches federation

The Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified more than 8,000 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches since 2006 and is now considered one of the Best Life Coach Training & Certification Programs in the world! Voted Best Life Coach Training Course 3 years in a row! No other Coach Certification and Training Program has been endorsed by more Life Coaches & Executive Coaches than the Certified Coaches Federation! If you are looking to be trained and certified as a Life Coach or Executive Coach, there is no better training and certification than The Certified Coaches Federation. 

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