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The Accidental Salesperson by Chris Lytle

The Accidental Salesperson by Chris Lytle is one of the best sales books I have eve read. Lytle's Best Practices processes will definitely increase your sales and decrease your workload at the same time.

Amazon Description of the book:

Not all sales people plan on a career in sales. Often, sales chooses them and suddenly they find themselves in a profession they aren't fully prepared for.

This book is the answer, providing the advice and inspiration they need to master the essentials and hit the ground running. Fully updated to reflect the changes in the marketplace, the second edition provides a much-needed roadmap anyone can use to excel in sales.

Filled with money-generating strategies, humorous yet instructive anecdotes, thought-provoking axioms, and powerful tools, the book includes brand new guidance on: selling to people who don't have time to meet; and differentiating between information seekers and genuine prospects.

Using social media, Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and other online tools; building relation ships competitors can't steal Lively, entertaining, and mercifully free of the dull theories, manipulative methods, and high-pressure tactics of most sales books - the second edition of "The Accidental Salesperson" guides readers through every aspect of selling to today's customers.

About Chris Lytle

Author Chris Lytle had modest career aspirations. He merely wanted to be the next Walter Cronkite. But instead of being offered a job in the newsroom, he was offered a job in the sales department. He took the sales job and became an "accidental salesperson." Most people don't choose sales as a career. Sales chooses them—and they end up wondering how to make the most of a profession they were never prepared for.

You don't have to wonder anymore. In his book, Lytle gives readers the road map for excelling in sales. Lively and entertaining, this somewhat unorthodox guide is packed with thought-provoking axioms, humorous and instructive anecdotes, specific strategies, and powerful tools—everything you need to master essential lessons in sales and professionalism.

There are some things the book lacks—dull theories, manipulative methods, and high-pressure tactics. But with the wealth of money-generating, career-building techniques it does provide, we don't think those items will be missed!

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