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Alan Chen - Author of Living in America: A Guidebook for Chinese

Alan Chen works at the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University.

He has become a great friend of mine and I was excited to interview him for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show.

From my experience with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, especially the World Learning Center's activities, Alan is a very important person for the Foundation.

He works tirelessly and often under pressure as he looks after so many IT, audio, video, and website issues.

He can always be relied upon and everyone who has ever attended a Napoleon Hill Leader Certification trip can attest to his willingness to help and how smoothly things run that he looks after.

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About Alan

Alan Chen came from China to the United States in 2004 to continue his education.

In 2006, he got his Master's degree in Engineering, graduating from Purdue University Calumet.

Since 2005, Alan has been studying the Philosophy of Napoleon Hill and assisting in the class lectures, seminars, and international events at the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center.

He has also he taught the Keys to Success class for the Chinese students on campus.

Now he works at the Napoleon Hill Foundation as an audio/visual specialist.

Inspired  by Napoleon Hill, and the director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center - Judith Williamson, Alan published his first book in 2012 - Living in America: A Guidebook for Chinese.

"when I taught the Key to Success class for the Chinese students on campus, I always spent some time to share my personal experience about how to study and live in this country, from how to buy air tickets, apply drive license,  buy and maintain a car, rent an apartment, travelling, shopping, insurance, health care, to how to keep your status legal, immigration knowledge, etc."

"It's nice to share and give, it's how we make the world a better place in which to live."

Alan Chen has been married since 2008 and now he lives in Hammond, Indiana with his wife Jing.

Above: Alan and his wife Jing while they were visiting Toronto

The audio quality for the interview was very poor and so Alan edited it and the audio quality is much better here

AMAZON Description of Living in America

Living in America is a guidebook for Chinese. Like students, immigrants from China, or any Chinese who wants to know more about this country-The United States of America.

This easy to read Chinese book will show you how to plan your travel: getting the best deal on air tickets, hotel, or rental cars. Or plan your new life here: opening bank account, shopping, selecting all kinds of insurance, education, and investment.

Show you how to buy and maintain a vehicle, purchase or rent a house, and more important, we will give you a guide about all kinds of non-immigrant and immigrant status in U.S., teach you how to apply the right visa, green card, and how to keep your status legally.

We hope you can plan your study, travel, or vacation easily after reading this book. 

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