Amazing Men of Power Radio Show

I will start hosting The Amazing Men of Power Radio Show starting in September 2011. The show will be an extension of Raven Blair Davis' Women Power Talk Radio and Careers From The Kitchen Table networks.

I am lining up guests like:

Phil R. Taylor, author of Set Yourself On Fire and Founder and Chairman of GoalAchievers International.

Michael Telapary, creator of the official Napoleon Hill 3D art work depicting Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success, amazingly talented musician, Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor and my Napoleon Hill Foundation mentor.

Derrick Sweet, author and Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation. Derrick has certified more than 6000 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches since 2006.

Uriel (Chino) Martinez

Chino, as he prefers to be called, works with Judith Williamson, the Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Centre. He is the author of Lessons of the Labyrinth. He speaks around the world as part of the Napoleon Hill Foundation's work.

John Foppe

Born without arms, John Foppe has had to break down and re-think every aspect of day-to-day life. He learned that the inability to do something didn’t rest on the lack of resources or vision. Instead, it has more to do with one’s subconscious perception to meeting a challenge head on.

Tony DiRico

Founder & CEO of ProfitHunters, a company that assists both organizations and individuals to improve their operating performance. I work with Tony to promote Winslow Research Institute's Human Behavior Assessment Systems.

Make sure to tune in to the show regularly and let me know if you would like to be intereviewed as well.

Amazing Men & Women of Power Radio Network