Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Newsletter 2nd Edition

I recently became a radio host on the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network the brainchild of Raven Blair Davis.

AWOP is under the umbrella of "Raven International Media Productions" The network consists of Raven’s award winning talk shows: “Women Power Radio” and “Careers From The Kitchen Table,” as well as her Celebrity Rave Reviews Talk show, plus up to 20 other Amazing talk show host shows ranging from empowerment, round table discussions, health, law of attraction, business finance, spirituality, family programing, as well as an ALL Men line up of shows on Fridays.

The 2nd edition of the AWOP Newsletter 2nd Edition arrived in my inbox today and I'm happy to share it with you.

Message from Program Director, Regina Baker

What an incredible line-up we have this week!

Hello and welcome to the 2nd Official AWOP Newsletter. Raven and I are SO excited and humbled with the opportunity to bring incredible Hosts to the network.

YES! Our hosts are DYNAMIC and the content of their shows are compelling! Be sure to check them out, tell your family and friends!

Weekly Lineup

Mondays - Empowerment, Inspiration and Motivation

Tuesdays - Roundtable Discussions - Entertainment, Book Reviews, etc.

Wednesdays - Health, Beauty, Metaphysical, Law of Attraction

Thursdays - Finance, Business, Careers, Job

Fridays - Amazing Men of Power & Music

Saturdays - All flavors (Monday through Sunday mix)

Sundays - Spiritual, Family and Children

Each day between shows, enjoy smooth jazz to relax you - LISTEN WHILE YOU WORK!

We welcome you to visit the new website and download a complimentary copy of Raven's ebook, "Talk Your Way to Success - Discover your true passion or purpose."

Thank you for your support - we look forward to providing you with positive programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Regina Baker

Program Director/Consultant


Kristen Baker and Claudia Weber

Kristen L. Baker

Kristen is a Certified Master Life Coach, Wellness Coach, business owner and Author. She is married and has 2 teenage children.

From New Hampshire. Kristen has been a life coach since 2005. She has always been a person that everyone comes to for advice, her caring and listening ear made people gravitate to her. After a struggle with anxiety, herself in 2003, she embarked on writing her first book, It's Okay To Have Anxiety Really! Once she shared her story and realized she could use her experience to help herself, she took several courses and became certified as a Life Coach.

Kristen's passion is changing lives and her coaching business has expanded to coaching people with Chronic pain and Illnesses. ...........

Topic: Invisible Pain


What inspired Kristen to write this bookSome of the things that are critical in keeping pain manageable

Click here to listen on Women Power Radio!

Claudia Weber

In addition to being a prominent, highly respected Hypnotherapist, Behavioral Therapist & Life Coach..... Claudia has been getting a lot of new attention and success in using her highly unique therapeutic approach.

Claudia's a powerful & humorus motivational speaker, and has spoken to audiences as large as 450 people in various places including San Francisco California, Los Angeles California, San Diego California, Rome Italy, Venice Italy, London UK, and Paris France. Claudia enjoys speaking out on the "Power of the Mind" and the value of combined Non-Suggestive Hypnotherapy, Clinical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Quantum Physics Law of Attraction Coaching, to manifest a happier life for yourself.

Claudia M. Weber is the sole owner of "Ignite your Spirit" Empowerment Seminars & Firewalks. She has (7) highly trained people who make up her staff, and they are all as dedicated as she is, in always striving to put on the United States best Firewalks each & every time! "Ignite your Spirit" does Charity Firewalks, Corporate Firewalks, Public Firewalks & Private Firewalks. Claudia is passionate and devoted to her "Ignite your Spirit" Empowerment Seminars & Firewalks right now. She loves to empower people and help them open up and move beyond their limiting beliefs, and she is helping worthy charities raise thousands and thousands of dollars for their causes.


What the main concerns you’re hearing from women these days.

How to change your belief & feelings of letting your friends, and parents down,

How to move beyond the feelings of being Stuck in a rut? consider Fire Walking ...

To find out more about Claudia, visit:

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