Amazing Women Of Power (AWOP) Interview with Gunter Schlierkamp

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My show is titled Amazing Life Stories and my tag line is Encouraging, Inspiring and Uplifting You Onward and Upward.

For last week's show I interviewed Gunter Schlierkamp.

Born to a farming family in Olfen, Germany on February 2, 1970, GunterSchlierkamp quickly came to know the meaning of commitment. The work ethiche developed from a very early age would soon be applied to everything hedid.

Influenced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in such films as "Pumping Iron" and"Conan the Barbarian", Gunter quickly realized his calling was to be abodybuilder. At the age of 16, Gunter began a transformation that wouldlead him to his first competition and his first victory two years later.

By the year 1993, Gunter had gained the attention of the bodybuilding worldas a heavyweight competitor, winning the prestigious title of "Mr.Universe".

In 1996 Gunter made the decision to follow in the footsteps of his childhoodhero and moved to America. His reputation in the fitness and bodybuildingindustry made him a highly desired commodity as he began to successfullyrepresent many companies and brand names. Chief among these was the WeiderCompany with whom he would begin a relationship that continues to this day.

Listen to interview with Gunter Schlierkamp here

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